Kais Moriean

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Kais Moriean
Motto(s): For peace, for prosperity, for the republic!
Anthem: "Sweet Home Alabama"
The main area of Kais Moriean
The main area of Kais Moriean
Coordinates: -777 2500
FoundedDecember 15th 2021
 • MayorFlat Face (Moriean Industrialist Party - MIP)
Population 6 Increase

Kais Moriean is a city situated on the continent Kogongu, west of Anchridge Lake and south of Lethos Bay. It is currently in possession by the Arcadian Altanate.



The people of Kais Moriean are refugees. They come from the old and starving continent of Moria. It was once a prospers continent, but after the great war the continent had scared. The people tried to rebuild time and time again, but it kept falling back down. Most have died either from the war itself, the starvation, or from the infections and wounds from the war and infighting. By the end of it all, only a few people remain and they flee to Arcadian Altanate. After they sold valuable lands and items, they had enough to live a nice life in Arcadia.

Early Developments

The town is inhabited by the Moriean, which are a very industrious people. They like to build factories and sell the good that they produce to live a rich lifestyle. A new factory was built to serve as the ground for a new economic expansion period for the people. The church was also built to preach the word of the Morieans and as a remembrance to those Morieans who have fallen and are no longer with us.


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