Kais Uthdur

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Humble Beginnings

Kais Uthdur originated as a small offshoot of Kais Kogong founded by Dankonia, a relatively inactive player as of olden times who reactivated his account. Breaking off to preserve the legends of the forest which were contained within, Dankonia originally claimed an area of six chunks, lacking sufficient funds to do more preservation.

Uthdur Tunnel Company

The logo for Uthdur Tunnel Co., founded by Dankonia, is one of simplicity.

In an attempt to earn enough funds to keep the singularly manned settlement aloft, Dankonia turned to entrepreneurship. Although many forms of travel existed at the point in time when Uthdur Tunnel Company (UTC) came into existence, Dankonia thought the prospects of a direct travel system where players go uninterrupted and inattentive through the world, similar to real travel, was profitable - if not necessary - for the world, as it catered to the poor.

Using a combination of world mechanics and experiments, Dankonia determined that the fastest form of travel through Alathra in the over world was bubble elevators, sideways. These later became known officially as the Sand Tunnels, although informally they were known as The Chunnel.


The tunnels themselves were slow, as the effects of water and the soul sand that lined the bottom combined for a miserable slog. Instead, certain pieces of equipment were needed in order to make the travel profitable and speedy, coming in the form of specially enchanted boots and potions.

Venturer's Boots

Venturer's Boots were originally marketed in multiple tiers to appeal to buyers who wished to purchase the required equipment for the Sand Tunnels but didn't plan to primarily use them.

  • High quality Venturer's boots consisted of both depth strider (3) and soul speed (2-3), as well as unbreaking (3) and mending. Higher quality boots also tended to be made with higher durability materials, while lesser boots, such as the Mid and Low-quality Venturer's Boots, tended to be made of lower durability materials and lower-level books.
  • Low quality Venturer's Boots consisted of base level enchantments of depth strider, soul speed, and unbreaking. Mid quality Venturer's Boots consisted of anything in-between but tended to be consistent in speed and enchantments based on the regional shop.
Swiftness II
  • Swiftness Two potions significantly increased the speeds of the tunnels, shortening the trip by half in whatever direction the user was heading. Combined with the effects of Dolphin's Spirit, the speed of travel is exponentially increased.

Tunnels In Function

At the current moment, there are only two tunnels in operation:

  1. Kais Kogong to Kais Termina, and vice versa.
  2. Kais Jerriko to Kais Termina Interchange, etc.
The tunnels, though few, have planned expansions to Kais Uthdur, Bal Duran, and Gint, as well as a self-financed expansion under the sea.
According to Dankonia, "Many cities will soon find this option convenient, useful, and financially feasible in the near future," and he expects "a high uptick in usage by the end of 2022's summer season."

Tunnel History

The first Sand Tunnel ever created on the server is disputed in time, but many can agree that the most prominent test was that of which took place in the Kogongi Bay around May 6th, 2022. Led by inspiration and a chronic lack of money, Dankonia crafted a 400-500 foot long sand tunnel, spanning from the coast of Wajat Almarjan to the port of Kharn Burim, and proceeded to use a dolphin to speed across the sands with a Low quality pair of Venturer's boots.

This video shows the first ever successful Sand Tunnel by Dankonia. The success of this video, which lacks the Swiftness II potion, is what encouraged Dankonia that his pursuits would not be in vain.

Dankonia saw the success in his trials and swiftly began to build up his supply of materials, setting out to create the first major under-land tunnel at the behest of Altan Game Glider SKG, the then-current Altan of the Arcadian Altanate. The tunnel in the video has since been demolished, but replicas of the original are built out by the company often.

A detailed experiment on how these tunnels work was later found on YouTube by the Youtuber Docm77. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KnAsr-qgko