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Early life

Kangy was born in the northern Dark oak forests of Koganon, due to Kangy being a Shroomian his parent dies before he was born and Kangy never knew them. Kangy spent most of his childhood wandering the forests with his siblings and foraging plants. Because Kangy and his siblings not being part of a Shroomian tribe they were very isolated, Kangys first contact with the outside world was when he spotted a small caravan of traders who were resting in the dark oak forests, after talking with the traders he decided to travel through Koganon with the caravan.


After years of traveling with the caravan Kangy decided to settle down in the southern part of Koganon, creating a town called Jotunstan. Unbeknownst to him he had settled in the land belonging to Icesteel 2, After having a meeting with the leader of Icesteel 2 Kangy decided to join them. Shortly after Jotunstan joins Icesteel 2 the nation declares war on sunspot, due to fear of losing the war and creating enemies Kangy decides to assassinate the leader and end Icesteel. After Icesteel was disbanded Jotunstan went to war with New Reno along side Aqcuendavia, although Josunstan was on the winning side of the war Kangy ultimately felt as though he was not fit to be ruler of Jotunstan and left.

The Void

After leaving Jotunstan Kangy traveled the world for years, during his ventures he encountered many things one of the strangest of his discoveries were dozens of statues all with the words "Church of the Undergod" engraved in them, One of the statues was holding a strange emerald green gem that Kangy took for himself, after 3 years of traveling the world Kangy founded a void research center called Camp Null located in northern New Anglia. Shortly after the founding of Camp Null Kangy began to study the void thoroughly, going as far as to take expeditions into the void. After about six months of studying the Void Kangy met an unnamed being who claims to have resided in the void for many years, Kangy agreed to share a part of his consciousness with the being in exchange for knowledge on the Void.

Physical Appearance

Kangy is a masculine looking Shroomian who stands at 4'2, he has a dull orange mushroom cap on the top of his head along with black eyes and olive brown skin.


•After founding Camp Null he discovered he needed glasses

•Before founding Jotunstan Kangy did not know how to read, due to this he still practices basic reading comprehension

•Kangy has eight siblings