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Name Change

After the player Keypeer left the server, the player nanochad took control of Estea, one of his first acts as king was to change the name to Lyon, but the empire of Ashina demanded 400,000 dollars if this name change was too become permanent, so they changed the name to Keystead

Gausun Powder Keg

Within less than a week of nanochad becoming king, the player _Plato of Coldfront declared war on Lyon, after that both sides started rallying forces, with war profiteers making initial success in killing members of Lyon, however, the war profiteers of Coldfront realised that their potential profits were drying up fast, so they left the war, leaving only _Plato to fight the combined armies of several different nations at once. So _Plato declared a ceasefire. Also in Gausun, a conflict was brewing between Staulfast and the squatter settlement of iron hill, both sides had agreed to fight for Lyon (who, around this time was renamed to Keystead) in a war with _Plato, and Keystead had at that point decided to remain neutral in the Iron hill-Staulfast war.

but at this point, Keystead's relations with their former ally Eldia had began to sour. So Keystead decided to actively support Staulfast in the war against Iron Hill.