King Killer and the Tragedies of Errane

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NukeKiller07 (NukeKiller), or otherwise known as the "King Killer", was for a time Lord over the dominion of Errane; a city state located on an outstretch of land west of Invictus and east of Unitatis. He is noted for having been sporadic, aggressive, and impulsive, not to mention him having a certain interest in killing kings, hence the name "King Killer." It is rumour that Killer may have possessed sorcery of his own kind, considering that following the banishment of the Two Untold, King Reynold and the Allied forces would continue to expierience strange deaths, accidental casualties, and attacks from "demons in the night." King Killer remains an Arithian Boogeyman.

NukeKiller07's head "on display" in Invictus.

The Reign of King Killer

A fictional depiction of the Two Untold.

Toward the end of the Second Age (2021) southern Arith saw the rise of frontier coastal states, one of which being the city state of Errane. Under NukeKiller07, Errane grew into something recognizable behind the rolling hills and deep rivers of this region, neighboring the states of Invictus and Unitatis. Killer wanted more. In NukeKiller's command were two of the most dangerous sorcerers (hackers) to ever set foot on Alathran soil, they who have no name, and so they are only known as the Two Untold. Killer and his forces led an attack on Invictus, assumedly an attempt on Lord Draconius's life, who was away on undisclosed business at the time. A local vintner, Spitfire14, was slain in the process; a horrible death at the hands of the sorcerers. Following this, NukeKiller set his sites on Unitatis, making an attempt on King Reynolds life. They were however defeated at the hands of Reynold himself, and the Two Untold were banished from the face of Alathra indefinitely. This would be the start of the Unitatis-Errane War, and NukeKillers eventual defeat.

The Death of King Killer

NukeKiller would later die at the hands of Unitatis/Allied forces in the Siege of Errane, on September the 2nd of the Second Age. Refusing to surrender to King Reynold, Killer hid from the Allied forces in the caverns below Errane, before being discovered by First Regiment officer H.D.Skipper, who slew him on the spot. Errane was plundered, and King Reynold celebrated an Allied victory.

King Killer had been defeated.

The "Destruction of the Phantom Gate" following the death of King Killer and the defeat of Errane.
King Reynold and the Allied Forces.