Kingdom of Kallvind

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The Kingdom of Kallvind is a Tohirric viking kingdom in northern Ceyreto


Early History

Kallvind, at the time called Severoskoye started within the dark ages of North-Eastern Kuthara, The dark ages begun when the United Peoples Republic of Draknava fell, It is still unclear how the republic fell, Many say the republics loyalists buried the remaining facts on the downfall of the UPRD in Eastern Mountains. After the UPRD fell, the previous land of the UPRD split into many tribes. One of these tribes was Sevyero, which was one of the bigger tribes in the region, was able to peacefully unite many of the other tribes into the nation of Severoskoye. Others in the region whom opposed Raina I, either left towards the West sea, or went South-Eastern into the mountains to join up with the remains of the UPRD. Around the year 2, Severoskoye, under the leadership of Tsarina Isabel I and another nation known as Sjalenland signed the Kallvind treaty, formally forming the Kallvind political identity. The treaty was not a formal unification, but tied the 2 lands together economically and culturally.

As a Ceyretan Protectorate

During the year 3, Severoskoye was threatened by Ceyreto into becoming its protectorate. It is during this time when Kallvind began to become an official kingdom as opposed to a tight-knit alliance. Tsarina Isabel was killed on a ship whilst journeying to Guldhir, and the leadership of Kallvind passed on to King Yoljulu.

Kingdom of Kallvind

Largest cityWhitepeak
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