Knights of Solaris

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The Order of Knights of Solaris Erses
Ordo Equitum Solaris Erses
ClassificationKnights Order
ScriptureCodex Solaris, Code of Chivalry
Grand MasterMelevor III
ChaptersThyraion, Fort Sunguard
RegionNorthern and Western Arith
LanguageHigh Pyrrhian, Common Alathran
FounderMelevor III
OriginFall 659 AE (January 2023)
Number of followers4
SloganNon timebunt

The Order of Knights of Solaris Erses, commonly known as the Knights of Solaris, is a Solarian religious institution founded as a military society in 659 AE (January 2023) in Thyraion, Pyrrhia. The first chapter in Thyraion was formed to serve as a protection unit to the Solar Emperor of Terra, the head of state of the Holy Solarian Empire and head of Solaris. Its members have commonly been known as the Solarian Knights.