Koi Nero

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Koi Νερό
Pronunciation[kɔɪ neˈro]
BornPavlopetri, Lekanian Sea
ResidenceP.I.B, Gaushan
OccupationMember of P.I.B.
Misc. Info
Height 4'4
Race Lekánian
Age 25

Early Life

Koi Nero was born in Pavlopetri, an underwater mining village in the south-western sea, north of St. Joachim. Growing up, Koi was taken care of well in her small home. She didn't have many jobs, but before she set out to sea, she worked as a miner, extracting copper from the mines for it's heating properties, as the ocean got extremely cold in the winters. She took on world history, and learned that their civilization was one of the few still standing underwater cities, but no one in her village knew there were whole nations growing on the surface. She had been taught that their kind were the only intelligent life, and that the ocean floor was all there was. Over time, she had become more and more determined to find other people, underwater, convinced hopefully, that they weren't alone. Her fascination with life outside of their village was admired by her parents, making them eager to see her set out into the world.


Koi had grown up in a large hotel like home with her mother, father and her many, many siblings. His mother, Korálli, taught her how to catch fish, and befriend dolphins. Her father, Thálasso, taught her how to walk, and to tell the time through path of the wave. Koi loved her siblings, but had never many connections with them, as there were over a hundred other, it was like they were a colony of children.

Her Journey to a New World

Koi, after her 18th birthday, decided to set out on her adventures to find other towns and villages, after waving to her mother and father goodbye, she left. After days of trying, she had become weak, and decided to rest up, though, accidentally falling asleep. When she a awoke, she had the realization that she had been carried off by the water, in a current, and sent spiraling through the waters. She attempted to swim her way out of it, but she was too weak, and after days of travelling through a current, it stopped. Looking above her she had seen a blinding light, needing her eyes to see mainly instead of her antenna, and an figure similar to her's but without a tail, or fins. She swam towards this figure. and as she emerged from the water she caught his attention, and had come over to see what happened. This boy later explained that his name was Celeste. After explaining her situation and that she had no idea what happened or what this upper plane was, he decided to take her back to his home. As they entered through the walkway, she could feel the temperature rise up, feeling like she was burning, the frost from the snow outside had made her numb to the possible injury that the lava pouring beside her could have caused. Celeste explained to Koi that his home is known as PIB, and while not exactly welcoming to those from the outside, will make a slight exception, as it was clear her past had no connection to those on land other himself. He had explained that she was allowed to stay here for the time, and get to know the land of the upper plane more easily here. She began to explore the dark blackstone covered walls of the PIB, as this was her new home.