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Kresvania is a landlocked nation in Northern Prospit. It’s capital is Itar. It is politically irrelevant by world scale terms, and is one of if not the least developed established nations on Alathra.


Official Langauge: Kressvash

Demonym: Kresvanian

National Flag: Aufes dre Kresvia

Currency: Stanz (SZ.)

Places to Go: Scheuffel Tower, Lake Turscorn

Kresvania’s main ethnic group is Kresvanian, an umbrella term that includes most peoples from or living in majority within the nation’s homeland. Industrial culture thrives in the capital, whilst farming, fishing, and logging is prominent in the countryside.


Kresvania was formed as an unofficial nation in April 16, 2022, after the formation of Itar. In Early May, the first flag designs were produced, but were used for only a short amount of time. Ion April 24th, Kresvania entered a military alliance with Nabilzahir (Megchester). In Late May, Kresvania entered political friendship with The Republic of Rendinum. Also in Late May, the country went through multiple land claim plans, most of which were unsuccessful. On May 27th, Kresvania gained full independence as an official nation. On June 2nd, it was included in the political map of Alathra.


Kresvania has only to date been involved in its own defense war against the Krosston Imperium.

Alliances: Nabilzahir, Rendinum

Military Branches: Blitzkorps, Teidkorps, Opreilkorps

Military Triggers: Foreign Deforestation, Terrorism, Communism