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Kvatch is a city directly south of Angler’s Lake, southwest on the continent of Prospit. Although Kvatch is fairly new as a town to appear on the world stage, it has had past historical ties being from a past civilization called Sokapotu, which had claim to the presently-called island of Sokapotu. Kvatch is currently ruled by Count Illiana Van Orden and it has all primarily been built up by him (besides the ruins which have been being redeveloped into a keep). Currently, not many events have taken place in the city, but an incident occurred about two weeks after its settlement when a random portal opened up outside of it. After the incident, it was discovered that Count Illiana was being impersonated and was soon rescued with the impersonator being killed. After the incident Kvatch had been cleaned up and is planned to become a lively trading city-state for travelers on route to Oakland or Dalleton. Count Illiana of Kvatch has finished with the construction of the eastern bridge linking Kvatch to Oakland, along with the road.