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Of Akkabrim
Other namesKweeik
OccupationTown Hazard
OrganizationGOSHA (Goblin OSHA)
Known forBeing Kweeik
Notable workImportant meeting notes, functioning hellforge
Criminal penaltySit in the thinking corner
Criminal statusAt Medium
RelativesMarigold (Mother, Adoptive), Rulf (Cool Uncle, at best)

Kweeik is Kweeik


Early Life

No memory. Been a bit

Coming to Alathra

Kweeik fell in a hole. Showed up.

Four Years in Tophet

Shortly before the Battle for Aranholme during the war of the Tophetian Cycle, Kweeik journeyed to the Tophetian soul markets. He became discombobulated in the crowd and took a seat on the bench. Kweeik's passive temporal distortion made the time spent sitting in Tophet pass like hundreds of years. He sat, waiting and watching for his mother to come pick him up. She never did. During the 273rd anniversary of Kweeik's great seating, the denizens of the soul market attempted to nail a placard to what they assumed was a stone statue in disrepair due to the ages of dried hellish lichen built up on his goblin skin. This slight discomfort caused Kweeik to scoot approximately 4 centimeters to the side and piss on their shoes. A great stampede occurred as they tried to escape, realizing him to be the same mythological figure that had previously been cast out of hell on more occasions than Kweeik has fingers. Kweeik, now having been made, disappeared from Tophet later in the day. He re-emerged in Akkabrim, with a number of new implements.

Political Beliefs

Kweeik is Kweeik. Kweeik is always right, except when he's wrong, then mom tells him.

Crafted Items

Kweeik's Wings

After Kweeik's extended absence, he emerged anew with a pair of wings reminiscent to the Elytras used by other Alathrans. Demonskin wings framed in bone, lashed together with infernal sinew as cordage. These wings come equipped with Kweeik's signature molten gold encased in a thin magical veil ensures that the gold clings to the wings, whirling and maneuvering it's way across the membrane like rivers of a hellforged nectar. When struck, the rivers of demonic metal rush preemptively to the sight of the impending strike, causing axes and swords to glance off like hardened steel.

The Arms of Xolis

Two prosthetic limbs outfitted for Lethonian countryman Xolis Metalarm. After turning over the ancient designs of his previous appendages, Kweeik spent a number of days and nights slaving over the Hellforge in the Lethan stronghold of Akkabrim. The arms come with an unrecorded number of covert compartments and secondary functions riddle the arms. Rivers of molten gold act as a heat sink for the hellfire boilers that power the mechanisms within. When pushed to the limit, these engines allow for Xolis to move his arms with the force of ten men. Stamped with Kweeik's makers mark on each individual cog and cylinder housed within.

Barbemcuqeu Pit

Kweeik's Lethonian Barbecue Pit


  • Has a damaged hellforge he's managed to utilize without it 'sploding
  • Capable of maintaining superpositions of reality as long as he believes them to be one way (i.e. surviving lethal burns by believing he's fine)
  • Ascended demon, ancient status
  • Living dead, immortal status
  • Master craftsman and repair guy somehow.
  • Has made a number of Gods cry
  • Kweeik has been kicked out of hell on multiple occasions due to his carpet pissing antics