Leo Silverblood

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Biographical information

IGN: Lunar_1993

Full name: Leo Silverblood

Birthplace: a small port village

Status: "Alive"(undead)

Citizenship: Ardôra


Leo is an undead, so his skin has long been decomposed and lost over the years, and he is more of a skeleton now, mixed with the elements of a variety of moss.

He wears mostly casual clothing or loose pieces of armour to hide amongst people without freaking them out.


Leo Silverblood was born in a small port village. His father was a fisherman, while his mother worked as a court wizard for the jarl of this port.

Leo lived a rather blissful childhood. His father brought fish home often for dinner, as his mother was often out working, but when she did come home, she would show magic and teach Leo the ways of it, hoping he would one day follow in her footsteps.

Late adolescence and early twenty's

When he hit the age of 16, his mother's wish was getting closer as the Jarl had asked for Leo to see if he had what it took to take over from his mother as court wizard. As Leo approched the jarl and bowed down to him to hear him out, he was told that in order to prove his worth, he must go and clear a camp of bandits close by that were causing trouble in the surrounding area. He had known this since he heard from his father that the fishing was getting more difficult to do with the type of people that were getting there more and more. He answered the jarl with a clear and stern "It shall be done, my Lord," before heading out to do so.

When he got there, the bandits almost seemed to already have expected him, as if they knew that he was coming. They charged at him and got the upper hand rather quickly, as Leo did not expect to be overwhelmed this fast. He was imprisoned in an abandoned jail cell beneath the camp and forced to collect and harvest their kills as well as clean their armour.This lasted for 6 years. His mother and father never gave up searching and lost their jobs and their titles. The house and, in the end, the lives, never finding out that their son was still alive.

At age 22, Leo was used to living in a cell, getting scraps for food and having no hope of getting out. Until one night, they did not lock the cell door. The guards were celebrating a large loot from a local noble they had killed and robbed.Being locked up all those years he had no remorse in grabbing the sword he had cleaned so many times and using it to slaughter them all, cutting them open with a blind rage as this seemed to go on all night, only snapping out of it when a ray of sunlight hit his blood covered face.

He took the gear and some of the food as he, for the first time in 6 years, had a feast, scarfing down the food and gulping some of the alcohol they had before he went back to his home village to the Jarl to complete what he had set out to do all those years ago. When he got there, the guards stopped him and checked him, taking the sword from him and almost putting him under arrest, until the captain of the guards recognized him and told them to let him in. As he let me in, he let me before the jarl, who had a face of disgust and annoyance when he saw me before nodding at the guard, who then proceeded to draw his sword and stabbed him through his back as Leo spat out blood and fell to the ground. The jarl laughed. "I should have known better to let the bandits handle such a task!" Leo looked up at the jarl as he put it together. The jarl had told them, that's how they knew, and the mission was to get killed, not to kill. With his last breath, he spoke two words, " inmortui vita", before falling silent.

"live" (undead)

The Jarls man threw him out to the wilderness to be eaten and forgotten, so that the jarls crimes were also forgotten, but the spell he had cast with his final breath made him, without them knowing, an undead. So when they left, so did he, Leo Silverblood, once a fisherman's son and he who would follow his mother, now nothing more than a walking corpse, an undead with nothing to his name, he travled the land and stowed away on a ship and after 7 years of travel, he arrived at Gaushan, Eldia,Ardôra.