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Lepidus Teagan

Lepidus Teagan played by ShermansWorld is prominent statesman in the Kingdom of Elyria. He was born in the town of Ehrenhal, the capital of Elyria.

Early Life

Lepidus was born into a middle class family in Ehrenhal's town square. As a teenager and young adult he spent most of his days working in Port of Ehrenhal as a dock attendant and fisherman. A young Lepidus watched Ehrenhal grow from a small Elyrian outpost to the bustling capital it is today. At the age of 23 an opportunity came up for him to join a small crew for a traveling merchant. Over the next few years he learned the ways of navigation, trade and negotiation. On one expedition he served under Amirah Tegan, King Aldrich's younger sister. The two become close and upon their return to Ehrenhal Lepidus decided to propose to Amirah. Despite the fact that Ledpidus was a commoner, Amirah accepted. At first King Aldrich of Elyria was disappointed upon hearing of the proposal, but soon after meeting Ledpidus he recognized his skills as an effective negotiator. He offered Lepdius a position in his court and the Teagan name, both of which he graciously accepted.

The Highlands War

The Highlands War was found between the Kingdom of Elyria and the Arcadian Altanate. The war forever impacted Lepidus and his view of the world. During the siege of Ehrenhal Lepidus and Amirah temporarily fled to Briscoe Ranch which they stayed for the remainder of the war. While many Elyrians were killed and some were captured such as Lord Commander Sherman, Aldrich was spared and allowed to remain King. Elyria was forced to cede land to the Arcadian Altanate and Artorias and the nation has struggled to recoup financially. While relieved that Aldrich was alive and well, Lepidus was horrified at the state of his nation and people. To this day Lepidus sees foreigners on Gaushan as an existential threat to the native peoples, but he has seen first hand how Elyria's aggressive policies have led the nation to ruin. He believes that effective diplomacy could secure the future of the Elyrian state.

Physical Appearance

Lepidus is a man of average height and weight. He has long dark hair and green eyes. Despite being an esteemed member of the Elyrian court he prefers to dress in commoners clothes. He can often be spotted wearing a green bandana and a sailor's attire.

Character Traits and Beliefs

Lepidus can be described as a somewhat soft spoken man who speaks with conviction. He is observant, preferring to assess others intentions and mannerisms before voicing his thoughts. He is also an Elyrian nationalist who holds disdain towards foreigners in Gaushan. While he doesn't necessarily support the expansion of Elyria through militaristic means, he does believe that land in Gaushan should be exclusively held by the continent's peoples. Lepidus believes in the power of the pen over the sword in most circumstances.

Perhaps Lepidus' most defining character trait is his hatred of magic. He views magic as a perpetuation of witchcraft, and a danger to society. He frequently condemns the use of magic on the streets of Ehrenhal and has proposed its outright prohibition in the Elyrian realm.