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Fear of the Unknown

Lethos is known to the people of Alathra as a violent nation, with old ties to the continent of Koganon, and with skill in warfare and alchemy rivaled by few. Of no consistent racial majority, with a blended chaotic culture, and consistent rumors of the bizarre and grotesque, the fear of Lethos usually keeps outsiders from visiting to learn more about it. While indeed Lethos does proudly boast of selling dried faces, horse leather saddles, and collecting the heads of trespassers as though they were some sort of sick currency, there's actually a rich history behind these people, and less danger to those without ill intentions than is commonly believed.

A Nation of Many Worlds

Lethos is, in truth, not as small as it appears. While on Alathra it's one of the smallest nations for its population size and density, it actually spans across numerous worlds. This is in no small part thanks to the assets Lethos maintains "control" of which allow for portals to be opened into other worlds, and settlements to be created where needed. While some members of Lethos (such as Lucran and Winslow) are able to brave the In Between and survive, most members of Lethos require the use of the "lethan" portal, which is curiously not owned by Lethos, but instead by a peculiarly patient mage whose home the people of Lethos keep breaking into on Oriens and Phenos.

While the people of Lethos have visited many worlds, very few of those worlds are ever the location of a permanent settlement. A few noteworthy ones are listed below.

Settlements of Sotonia

  • True Lethos (Relocated)

Settlements of Oriens

  • True Lethos
    A glimpse of the first few buildings at the entrance of True Lethos on Oriens
  • Steeldel
  • The Rift

Settlements of Phenos

  • Basecamp
  • Name Redacted
    A view of the Lethan Capital Building on Phenos
  • Name Redacted
  • Name Redacted
  • Name Redacted
  • Name Redacted

Settlements of Aeternum

  • Dren'ek (Abandoned)

Settlements of Alathra

  • Akkabrim
  • Metalarm Sanitarium
  • Stranger's Rest
  • Westdark

Lethan Culture

While the people of Lethos are a mixed bag, there's a good deal of commonality among them. There are certain norms of Lethan culture all people are expected to follow, despite the general lack of laws.

Earning One's Keep

All people of Lethos are expected to be worth having in the nation. While prowess in combat is a fair and common way of doing this, no true lethonian would dismiss the value of a sharp mind, sharp eye, or skilled craftsmanship. Indeed, some of the most valuable lethonians are old, crippled, and useless in battle, but manufacture weapons of war capable of turning the tide in their favor.

This actually extends to anyone who wishes to be considered to be on good terms with Lethos. To be aided in war or other affairs, the nation in question must prove their ability to fight their own battles, or in some other way earn the respect of Lethos.

Earning one's title

Lethonians are a strange mix of bold and humble. Often times something as simple as using one's professional title is a major sign of respect, as until you can live up to the high standard of the lethan people, you aren't even considered a professional. So when you hear someone claim to be a "Ranger of Lethos", they aren't simply someone carrying a bow, they are someone who has suffered trial by fire, stood the test of time, and served successfully in wartime as a ranger to great effect... And an "Alchemist of Lethos" has made significant breakthroughs for the field of alchemy, as well as holding some of the highest respect in Lethos.

Braggarts Beware

Boasting one's triumphs in Lethos is a commonality, but so is testing one's claims. False claims, or unsubstantiated ones, will only elicit ridicule and harassment. Claiming to be the best warrior in the land, for example, will result in nearly every warrior in Lethos curious to duel someone so allegedly skilled. Claiming to be the smartest mage in the land, will result in lethan scholars approaching you with fifth-dimensional calculus and advanced problems utilizing theoretical numbers. Speak only the truth about your accomplishments, or be made to suffer for your arrogance.

We're all monsters here

Outsiders may fear Lethos for rumors of monstrous things haunting the wilds surrounding it... But in reality, those most dangerous creatures are quite likely the lethan people themselves. Long has Lethos harbored vampires and other forms of undead, eldritch beings, skinwalkers, whatever the fuck Winslow is, and even werewolves-- though those are often kept drugged to prevent transformation and subsequent accidental killing of kin.

More frightening are often the sorts of monsters who have only one humanoid shape, as the pariah of many worlds have collected in Lethos, creating a perfectly balanced cesspool of violence, alcohol abuse, and chaos.

National treasures

Kweeik gets place here. Kweeik demands attention. Kweeik demands power.

Rulf didn't ask for a place here, but his booze is what keeps the entire nation of functional alcoholics running.

Aristol doesn't make this list, but gets an honorable mention for taking the longest out of any lethonian to receive his title.

Known Members Present on Alathra

(list is not exhaustive, I apologize to those of you not included, I forgot your character names.)

  • Dessious
  • Kweeik
  • Marigold
  • Xolis
  • Rulf
  • Silva
  • Aristol
  • Kirara
  • Sniven
  • Anna
  • Rales
  • Lucran
  • Nylock
  • Marzun
  • Winslow
  • Thurman
  • Duran
  • Miles
  • Ragathiel
  • Kirk