Leuvis George Krieger

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Old King
Leuvis George Krieger
BornUnknown Date Currently 33 years old
Donslau (formerly known as Cresvlits)
EducationThe Cresvlitsin Academy of Diplomacy and Politics
OccupationFormer Voievode of Cresvlits

Former King of Cresvlits

Former Senator of Wahat Almarjan

Former Provisional Mayor of Coldfront

Current Head Diplomat of Eldia
Known forCreating the Kingdom of Cresvlits

Helping in the Eldian independence

Representing Eldia internationally
Notable work"The Egalitarian Socialism Manifesto"

"Battle Hoes"

"The Battle Engineer Core"
TitleFormer Voievode of Cresvlits

Former King of Cresvlits

Former Senator of Wahat

Current Head Diplomat of Eldia
Honours"Eroam ale Patrium", "Felde-Mareșalae"
CBEC Recruitment Poster

Leuvis Geroge Krieger is a career politician, which came to prominence during the "Battle of Cresvlits", becoming the Voievode and soon after the King of Cresvlits.


Early life


Leuvis has a hazy childhood with not much being known about his family. Early in his life he developed a bond for nature, though it never amounted to anything. He also was a natural leader, soon being enrolled by his family in " The Cresvlitsin Academy of Diplomacy and Politics". His family was one of poor commoners, but due to his leadership abilities he was accepted into the academy. At the age of 18 he finished the Academy and begun to work as an Assistant Scribe for "The Archive of Cresvlits", spending most of his days writing reports.

Young Adulthood and House Politics

Leuvis soon found himself as the assistant of Angelo Bârlog, at that time Councilor of War, within the Council of Cresvlits. There he met Joachim the Ist Padurae, the founder of Cresvlits and the Voievode. As time went on, Leuvis begun to look up to Joachim, making him his icon and luckly, became his Head Assistant.

The Creslvitsae Crisis Super Event

The Cresvlitsae Crisis

With Joachim's assassination, the whole nation was thrown into disarray. As politicians hanged unto any power they had, as assassinations took place daily, as the socialists ransacked towns and the army mobilized, within the halls of the council, Leuvis fulfilled his destiny. He organized a palace coup, took over the Council, made some backroom deals with the army, and stood his ground against the crowds of socialist smashing themselves on the walls of Cresvlits. Soon the Socialist army was defeated and Leuvis became the Voievode. During his term as Voievode he was awarded the "Eroam ale Patrium" or "Hero of the Country", due to him managing to unite the Army and the Council against the Socialists.

The Ascendance

The Ascension of Leuvis to the title of King Super Event

During the Crisis, many people left Cresvlits, to flee the fighting. These people formed two towns: Eforie Nord and Bistritza. Leuvis begun working on bringing them back into the fold and after some negotiations and hard work, Bistritza and Eforie Nord joined to form The Kingdom of Cresvlits. Leuvis became the king of Cresvlits and with that, the capital was renamed to Donslau. He also recieved the award "Felde-Mareșalae" or "Field Marshal", also receiving the rank of Field-Marshal. However not all was well.

The Slow Downfall

Cresvlits did many big things, from an alliance with the Arcadian Altenate, to the singing of the PPI, Leuvis retained the place of the 2nd biggest regional power on the Continent, due to Fare-Unire becoming a more increasing threat to the continental peace. However, slowly Cresvlits started suffering economic problems, mostly due to the ever extending administration and population. This determined protests, intensifying as time went on, turning into riots. Leuvis wasn't a man of totalitarianism and knew that if he stood down there would be another crisis. This meant one thing.

The Last of Cresvlits and Arcadia

Leuvis Krieger, as part of a recruitment poster for the CBEC, drawn by Dragoooooooon

He had to do the unthinkable. During the last meeting of the "Donslau Meeting" he abdicated and disbanded the nation into its 3 provinces, hoping for a better future without him, for he failed them. He then left for Coldfront, having been good friends with Plato, its mayor. With him came many Cresvlitsin, who followed their old King to foreign land. They became the Last Cresvlitsin, becoming the biggest cultural minority in Coldfront. Leuvis then enjoyed a peaceful and fulfilling life, returning to politics, becoming Senator of Wahat within the Arcadian Altanate. This period was mostly uneventful for him, and pretty short.

Eldia: The Old, now New

During an everyday discussion with an unnamed person, he heard about some sort of Independence Movement. As Leuvis became more and more disillusioned with the Arcadian Government, and so, he went to governor Lord Tilly for answers, and soon, he found himself supporting the creation of a new nation. As days went by, plans were created, preparations were made, opinions were exchanged. Soon came the faithful day, and Eldia broke free. In a showdown in the Senate Building in Wahat Almarjan, Leuvis, Tilly and Camestres, 3 of the 6 senators declared independence from Arcadia. These was the start of a chain of events, that even as I'm writing this haven't found their end.

Coldfront and International Diplomacy

As he was the provisional mayor of Coldfront, due to Plato teleporting bread for 2 weeks, Leuvis decided to break free from Arcadia with the Eldian towns, but not part of Eldia. For 2 hours as an emergency meeting was held, Coldfront was independent. After the meeting however, it became part of Eldia, and Leuvis was appointed as head diplomat. As negotiations were under way, Leuvis went and begun diplomacy with the many nations of Alathra, buying an Embassy in Nixium.

Coldfront Independence Announcement
Leuvis Krieger, drawn by Izzy Blu

Political Beliefs

Editor and official poster of the Egalitarian Socialist Manifesto, he is a staunch authoritarian, believing that the state shall act as the mother of all its subjects. The State to him shall never break the freedoms of its people, however the State should and always guide them to a more prosperous and brighter future. This entails a Interventionist approach to economics, a Paternal-Monarchist type of leadership.

Physical Appearance

Leuvis is of a small build, being 5'9". He also lacks muscles due to his job, but he is quite agile in a fight. He has a dark gray-ish hair, intense emerald eyes, that are covered by purple tinted glasses made out of amethyst. He wears a black suit, with a white shirt, black waistcoat, red cravat (though sometimes also wears a red tie) and a blue long-coat over the suit, to keep warm from the harsh winter in Coldfront. He, at one point, wore a cuirass with a white cloak, thought no one ever saw him, or what purpose it had.


A broken man, devoid of happiness and of an able mind, ignorant and disillusioned. A man with an illness, which disallows him the most basic of emotions. A man, who after the fall of Cresvlits, was changed forever. The single actual casualty of the event, Leuvis died. What walks now is an empty husk of what was once "The King of Cresvlits". A dead man, who still occupies his everyday life with politics and


-Did you know that Leuvis Krieger hates the "Union of Collectivist Council Republics"? He denounced them a total of 3 times during his tenure as King of Cresvlits.

-Did you know that Leuvis only learned about Eldia's independence one week before it actually happened?

-Did you know that Leuvis has a total of 12 cats, 3 axolotl's, one parrot and a goat in his closet? -Did you know that Leuvis was the man behind the Gen. 3 Battle Hoe?

-Did you know that Leuvis has some sort of depression, however due to technological limitations it is described as an illness which prevents him from being happy?

-Did you know that Leuvis has never been part of a war?

-Did you know that Leuvis has a weird obsession with goats?

-Did you know that Leuvis is open for marriage, yet nobody proposed yet?


-"All are equal in front of the sky. All are equal in front of Earth. All are equal in front of others." (during his tenure as King of Cresvlits)

-"I'll just go and see the Arcadian's Mald." (discussing his involvement in the first AIA meeting in which Eldia participated)

-"Magic eludes me, or I let magic elude me?" (discussing with Specz Arcanes, in one of his visits in Eldia)

-"I am a failure, for I allowed myself to fail." (after his arrival in Coldfront)

-"Alright, time for a lore event?", "Bruh gotta write a wiki page for that." (after nearly every noteworthy event)