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King, CEO, Advisor
Lixionit's every day attire
Native nameLixionit
BornKais Kogong (I-IV), Ashina (V)
StatusAlive through his great great grandson Lixionit V
ResidenceIrithil, Irithil
Other namesLix
OccupationCEO of StarLix Brewing Inc., Farmer, Herbalist, Brewer, Adventurer', King of Irithil (IV and V), Advisor to Emperor Iman Ottancope (Lixionit IV)
Known forStarLix Coffee Co., Lixionit's Adventures
TitleCEO of StarLix Brewing Inc. and King of Irithil (Lixionit IV, V)

Lixionit, was the CEO of StarLix Coffee Co. (Now Starlix Brewing Inc.) and owner of Lixionit's Flower shop. He was from Kais Kogong. He was an elder of Kais Kogong before he passed away. Lixionit IV continued his legacy and is now a member of Ashina, King of Irithil, and advisor to Emperor Iman Ottancope, Lixionit V is now the last of the Lixionit line currently King of Irithil and separated from Ashina.


Life Before Koganon

Lixionit was a nomad wandering the lands of prospit. One day there was a visitor to Lixionit's house demanding he leave so a new town could be constructed. Lixionit gathered his things and left in the night. He traveled by boat into the ocean when a storm destroyed his boat and knocked him unconscious. Lixionit washed ashore in Kais Kogong where Vasya helped him back on his feet and became Lixionit's new mentor.

Life in Kais Kogong

Beginning a New Life

Kais Kogong was a new life for Lixionit and provided a basis of learning where he met many new people and friends. Lixionit was given resources to construct a new house where he sold flowers. He then ventured all across alathra for flowers and became a botanist, studying all the flowers of Alathra and locating where flowers could be found. This flower shop became known as "Lixionit's flower shop" and was his first attempt at a business in Alathra.

Becoming a CEO

Taking his experience with "Lixionit's flower shop" and his knowledge of plants, Lixionit opened a new business: "StarLix Coffee." This new shop was first based in Kais Kogong and sold coffee and pastries. This shop is still operating to this day. The news of the new coffee shop spread like wildfire and attracted fame for Lixionit.

The mourning period

for a time Lixionit wished to be uninvolved in the politics of the world. It didn't interest him. The constant scandals surrounding Vasya and Ashina were just rumors to him. Lixionit assisted in helping hide Vasya after hearing the dreadful things in the world. After a time Vasya had fallen ill. Lixionit tried to help all he could to no avail. Lixionit was there when Vasya passed away. This drove Lixionit into mourning. He ventured into the Koganon woods and was not heard from for a time.

Life in Ashina

Re-awakening and new life

One day Lixionit emerged from the woods. Welcomed back to kais kogong with open arms. Kogongu was no more and the Arcadian Altanate had taken over Kais Kogong. Lixionit was empowered. Lixionit became a prominent figure in the Arcadian Altanate as a Kais Kogong citizen and running for the senate. All the while continuing to expand his company. Lixionit then passed away but his grandson Lixionit IV now lives and carries his legacy. (Lixionit now refers to Lixionit IV from here).

The NAC crisis

New Ashina City (NAC) was a city across the world from Kais Kogong. Lixionit had only heard of it and never been there. He received a letter one day asking if he would be willing to lead NAC. Lixionit accepted and began packing his things. When Lixionit arrived he found the city in disarray. His first project: rebuild the mall and make a new income generator. After that Lixionit began gaining hope that NAC could be revived. He construct the new docks. As well as planned for a new mansion in NAC. A few years (in game) had passed and NAC was still slowly rebuilding. It had gone through the great war and had been attacked with Lixionit fatally wounded. Lixionit began losing hope that New Ashina City would become a beacon again. Lixionit left NAC to one of the other citizens and began his next project.

The new StarLix

StarLix had grown to owning a couple locations and needed a new re-branding. StarLix Coffee had renamed to StarLix Brewing Inc. with Lixionit as the CEO. The original head quarters were in Kais Kogong just north of the lake but the waters had been polluted by Morian refugees. This forced StarLix to move locations and created the new head quarters on Ashina.

Irithilian Crisis

The Irithilian King, Syltumal Gwyn, had been slain in the nether and Irithil was without a king. Riots erupted and buildings were demolished. A letter reached Lixionit stating that he was the new heir to Irithil. There was a long lost line of the royal family and Lixionit was the last member. Lixionit prepared his bags and a ship. He took a few workers with him to Irithil and began building and de-escalating the riots. Irithil is now a rapidly progressing city and on the way to greatness.

Irithilian Rule

The re-birth of a city

Lixionit IV, led the city of Irithil into a rebirth period. Introducing the magic school, and helping progress on the city. Lixionit also saw the first ship of the Irithilian Navy built, The HMS Fantine.

Bloody August

King Lixionit IV was found dead in the streets of Irithil after many stab wounds. The streets and rivers of Irithil were filled with his blood. Lixionit V had killed his father for imperialist outbursts. This was a reaction to the oppression of Ashina imperialism. This event sparked the Irithil Declaration: a one day event where Irithil declared it's independence and negotiated a treaty with emperor Iman Ottancope of Ashina to give Irithil sovereign claim over their land.

Political Beliefs

The Balls party

Lixionit was part of the balls party in the arcadian Altanate and was running for senate.

Main beliefs

Lixionit believes that housing should be a right. In Irithil all citizens are given a free plot of land to build and make their home/business.

Lixionit does not believe in racial discrimination. All races of Alathra are allowed in Irithil as long as they are not undead or daemons.

Religious Beliefs

Lixionit and his line were students of Vasya. Life is precious. Minimalist living equals happiness. Violence should only be used as a last resort.

Over time the teachings have been slightly loose in the Lixionit line. Life is still precious and power is not something to strive for. Violence in moderation is ok.

After coming to Irithil and learning the history of the city, King Lixionit IV has adopted the faith in Lady Irithil, goddess of the great city.