Llull Ancane (Vessel)

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Llull Ancane
Depiction of Llull Ancane (or Rynnth depending on the time).jpg
BornLlull Ancane's Lab
Known forDying in the Haven Standoff
SuccessorBody was taken by Rynnth

Llull Ancane (Vessel) was an experiment created by the original Llull Ancane (From now on all references of Llull Ancane will be referring to the Vessel unless otherwise stated). Llull Ancane woke with amnesia and recovered pieces of his memory over his 3 month life span through dreams before his consciousness was killed.


Arrival on Wok

Llull Ancane awoke following his escape from Llull Ancane's (Original) laboratory in what is assumed near the ruins of Petersburg. Following his awakening he ventured north with a fox, later named Ari, a donkey, later sold, and a bow with the inscription Llull Ancane. After being confronted by a Lethan vendor who provided him with human flesh, Llull ran, stealing a boat and landing shipwrecked on Wok. He remained here foraging and fishing until being later confronted by Aurelius.

Admittance to the HOR

In the turmoil of possible war breaking out Aurelius ventured to Wok, hoping to find Rynnth. Instead he was greeted by Llull and decided to help the stranded stranger. Llull after multiple days of solitude was grateful to venture back with Aurelius to Haven. As Rynnth was nowhere to be found Aurelius decided in case of war to appoint Llull to the role of temporary HOR member standing in for Rynnth. Following these proceedings, Llull returned to Wok living out his days, training with a sword, and uncovering the secrets of his newfound electricity powers.

Haven Storm

At the beginning of The Haven Storm, Llull woke to the panic of Baaki arriving on Wok. Aurelius was being attacked by some strange entity and Baaki had come to look for Llull for his help. Llull had only interacted with Aurelius until now, and was loyal to the man who had found him stranded. The two boarded along with Ari and made their way to Haven. In a short swing of battle Aurelius, Baaki, and Llull overpowered Ra'thra and bound him until Lucius could investigate the possessed body. While waiting for Lucius, Llull and Baaki exchanged words, both of them finding comfort in their joint suffering to amnesia.

Rendition of the forces against Ra'thra at the Haven Storm

A large storm began forming over Haven and Ra'thra escaped from captivity. After a long stretch of battles and injuries, Llull along with Aurelius, Remora, Specz, Baaki, and Lucius overpowered Ra'thra and converted his energy into marbles. These marbles would go on to help Lydoneia power various projects and their location are a tight kept secret between Specz, Remora and Aurelius. Following these events, Haven quickly rebuilt itself, but Llull had no time to breathe before Rynnth arrived in Haven and the events of the Haven Standoff occurred. During these events Llull's consciousness died and his short lifespan came to a close.


During Llull's consciousness he had multiple dreams which are believed to depict his life as a test subject under Llull Ancane (Original).

The First Dream

It’s cold. Strangely I don’t feel cold, I just know it is, as if my mind knows what my body doesn’t feel. My eyes are too heavy to properly open. Squinting I try to look at my surroundings and make out where I am. Nothing, it's almost completely dark, a small light shining above me. I’m submerged. The light reflects off the dark casing that encompasses me. I’m breathing, or not drowning is a more accurate description. Almost like I don’t need to breathe.  My arms and legs don’t respond to my instincts either, it’s too difficult to move in this thick liquid.

It’s tough to keep my eyes open, but I start to see some movement on the other side of the glass. A face like my own came into view, it stared at me. Without breaking their gaze, they began to write at the notepad barely out of my view. A smile crept across what I assume is my captor’s face. I didn’t feel cold in the surrounding sludge, but that smile sent a shiver down my spine.

The Second Dream

That smile crept across my captor’s face again, but this time it was different. The sludge that surrounded me was no longer there. I wasn’t confined to a capsule anymore. “Let’s take a look at you, your brethren all failed, maybe you do better.” The smile grew wider, fear creeping up through me. My arms tried to move, to pick up my body, but they’re restrained. I’m chained down to some sort of operating table, a bright light shining down on me.

My blurry vision begins to focus in on the surgical knife in my captor’s hand. “Let’s see if your genetics can handle this.” The surgical knife makes its way towards my chest and makes its first incision into me. Pain sears throughout my body. Instinctively, my head tries to look down at the cut, but the restraints held me in place. My captor vanished into the darkness, leaving me stuck to the table. I try to calm my body and stop it from shaking. The pain continues, nonetheless. My body slowly began to stop shaking, the feeling still there, but becoming more grounded.

The man walked back over to me and looked down towards my chest. He was holding something enclosed in both his hands, it glowed faintly through his fingers. I don’t know what it was, but he moved his hands closer to my chest and pressed them into me. Screaming echoed in the room, it felt like my body was tearing itself apart. I was shaking more than before, until suddenly I froze and felt nothing. The man walked away from the table and washed off his hands in the sink, looking over his shoulder at me, smiling eerily. Then it hit me, my body began convulsing and pain covered every inch of me. The chains holding me down were barely enough, the table itself must’ve been bolted down, otherwise it would’ve flipped by now. Almost paranormal, like my body was fighting against itself, killing itself.

The man pulled out a clipboard. “Homunculus number 22367, failed.”

The Third Dream

My ears were ringing, a deafening sound. Body still was shaking to the pain, electricity burning through every nerve and every cell. “What’s this?” I heard the inquisitive voice of my captor, temporarily piercing through. My eyes were still fluttering rapidly, but I could make out the shape move towards me frame by frame. The body hovered over me, and my body kept shaking. “Still alive I see, maybe we found ourselves a fighter. What to do, what to do,” he flips through the papers he’s holding, “I could let you die and try again with the same gene pool. Unfortunately, putting a generator inside a person isn’t an exact science.”

He sits there and thinks, watching my body squirm on the operating table. After waiting for what seems like hours, the man turns around and vanishes into the shadows. My body still fights against the restraints and against me. I can feel my head going numb, thoughts losing their importance, like my consciousness is slipping away to the void. The man returns, a large square shape in his hands and slams it down on top of me, covering most of my body. I can feel the electricity fading, my muscles relaxing and my thoughts slowly coming back to me.

“Interesting, insulation seems to work.” A bright light is pushed into my eyes and the man peers at them. “Still alive, very good, very nice,” the says now turning back to his papers, “Homunculus 22367, seemingly successful.” The man begins pacing around the table, “Now what do we do with you. Kill you off and grow another homunculus with a weaker generator. No, no, no, takes too long my body is fleeting. Guess, I’ll have to keep you for now.” My eyes close, exhausted from whatever this man did to me.

I wake to the sound of wheels turning. The square shape is still on top of me, restricting my movement along with the bindings. I try to move my head to look towards the sound. A wagon, filled to the brim, lifeless bodies stacked on top of it. One of the bodies stares directly at me with its empty eyes. All the bodies look the same, similar to one figure I’ve seen all too much: my captor. He’s the one pushing the wagon, whistling. A few minutes pass and he passes by me again with an empty wagon. Then he’s there again, bodies stacked high. Hours pass, bodies moving between the left and right side of my peripherals.

The man walks by me one last time with an empty wagon and turns to me. He walks towards me and crouches down, “finally the extras are gone. You are going to be my new body, and what a beautiful body it is.” The man looks deep into my eyes, “Soon I’ll have flesh not restricted by natural laws. Soon, I will ascend and be where I belong, at my seat at the table. Soon, Llull Ancane will become a Caelestial.”

The Final Dream

“Soon we will wipe that mind of yours, and that body will belong to me.” I found myself tied down to the operating table again, looking my captor dead in the eyes. He almost danced around the table, moving machinery around. I didn’t want my mind to wiped. I may have been grown but the urgency of survival still powering me. As much as I struggled against the chains, my exhausted muscles couldn’t move anymore.

“This generator is similar to the one I put in you, not as strong mind you, but strong enough. The power of our reality, being pushed together. A fascinating thing, the very building blocks that give us light. Well, you are a step above that, but this is enough to destroy every bit of consciousness within that head of yours.” Llull moves towards the table, large metal rods in either hand, attached to the generator behind him. Fear spread through every inch of my body.

I could feel the electricity rising through me, regardless of the mat on top of me. I could control it almost, move it through my body. It circled through every fiber of my being, almost like it was intentionally looking for something. The electricity rushed to my wrists, burning up, my skin felt like it was melting off. Pain seared through me, radiating from my hands, a feeling I had grown quite familiar with.

My body didn’t stop shaking as the heat grew stronger and stronger. I looked down at my wrists to see the cuffs glowing a bright orange. The orange grew brighter as the cuffs slowly began to lose their shape, melted across my wrists. My hands were free. I pulled the rest of the chains off of me and sat up on the table. The square mat fell to the floor, but something else was still blocking me. I grabbed the chains and broke them away from the table. Llull wasn’t prepared.

I flung the chains around the neck of my captor. I could hear the desperation for air. He wasn’t the only one who was desperate to stay alive. Electricity surged through my hands, racing through the chains, in Llull’s body. He collapsed, lifeless on the floor, sparks still flying from his body. The shocks still few from his body. The large metal rods stuck to his hands, making a hissing noise through the air. They collapsed on top of him, shocking Llull’s body further. The clothes ignited.

Flame quickly spread through the laboratory, engulfing everything. I didn’t know the way out and panic had quickly enveloped the feeling of self-preservation. I ran in all directions, the structure collapsing on top of me. I didn’t know where to go, I just started grabbing food and supplies hoping they would help me survive wherever I ended up. But that didn’t matter. I didn’t have a way out. I ran until the structure completely collapsed and a pillar fell on top of me.

I woke, just barely, to see a small fox slowly tugging me along through the snow. I fell back asleep until I woke in that shed, the last thing that my waking mind remembered. With a fox, a donkey, and a bow.