Бикшо Госкжерха (Biksho Goskzherha)

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Loki's usual attire
Native nameЗете Бикшо Госкжерха (Zete Biksho Goskzherha) Sete Bīkosu Gusisena
BornKais Termina
ResidenceKais Termina
TitleFourth Leader of the The Terminan Peoples of the Line of Gusisena
PredecessorKīgamotūgwo Gusisena
SuccessorЛедат Мида Госкжерха (Ledat Mida Goskzherha) (Classical Terminan: Lidat Mida Gusisena)


Бикшо Госкжерха, Loki for short, is the son of the previous leader, Kīgamotūgwo Gusisena. He was born in the nation of The Arcadian Altanate in the town of Kais Termina. He is the current leader of the Terminan people and the governor of the Province of Icesteel. He has 3 children, all sons. His eldest son and next in line for the Terminan Leader is Ледат Мида Госкжерха, (Classical Terminan: Lidat Mida Gusisena). He has worked on preserving and documenting the Terminan language and culture.



Loki is the third of six siblings in his family. His early life was one that any child would ask for, filled with great adventures and a lot of food. Although he was born in Kais Termina, a few years after his father lead his people to the refuge, he grew up only speaking Terminan and practicing Terminan customs and traditions, like all the Terminan children after the Great Migration. With his father being the leader of the tribe, he would travel to a lot of different places with him, from the nation's capitol to towns across whole continents like Coldfront. With this travelling, he picked up the Arcadian language fairly quickly and translated things for his siblings and his parents. When Loki was on one of these trips, specifically to Faron, his eldest brother was stabbed and thrown overboard by one of his father's shipmates. "It was my brother, Doita Wisiga, who was stabbed in the shoulder and chest and then thrown overboard by one of the ship crew. My father grabbed his sword and stabbed the man. He told the steerer of the ship to turn to his dying son. I still remember the shakiness of his voice. When we got to where my brother was thrown over, it was too late. The crystal clear water was turned red and my brother's shocked expression was still on his face. When my dad grabbed him and set him on the deck, there was no heartbeat." Loki recounts. As Loki was sent to school, his older brother would always be on the look out for people that would try and hurt them. At the age of 16, his older brother got very ill with Litēsi (A combination of Influenza and Pneumonia) and later died, leaving him as the successor to the Leader position.


With him being the next in line for the leader, Loki spent days studying mathematics, language, magic, and the sciences. He collected books and frequently made week long trips to the Kais Kogong Library. The studying made him want to open a library in his hometown. He donated all of his books to the library and wrote more books on the Terminan culture and language. In his late 20's, his father became ill with the same disease that his brother came down with years before. This diesease killed him within 3 days and later his mother would succumb to the same illness. Both of his parents died that month. He was now the leader of the people and has three children with his partner, Wuna Disu Gusisena (Last Name Formerly: Setesasu).