Lord Frebius

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Eldemore Frebius standing on the West Wall's Southwest tower


Lord Frebius is the title given to the current lord of Eastwatch (until the end of the Frebius line). The title bearer governs and guides the town, and inherits the Frebius heirloom The Inner Eye of Frebius. ign is FerbTheDude_


Ferb Frebius - creator of the title and founder of Eastwatch. Stayed in rule until assassination.

  • Built the north wall and North Gate
  • Set up the shop at Arith Market
  • Began positive diplomatic relations with other Prospit leaders
  • Wrote the controversial Frebius Manifesto, excerpts of which can be found at The Library, which denounced industrialist advancements in fear of the destruction of genuine ways of life
  • Death:
    • Assassinated soon after publication of the Manifesto on Dec. 21st

Phin Frebius - Ferb Frebius' only legitimate son, the second Lord Frebius

  • Completed construction of Ferb Bridge in honor of his father's life
  • Continued diplomatic relations and goals set by the first Lord Frebius
  • Declared independence from Cathynir
  • Created the nation of Sethorien, existing in northeast Prospit as the largest active Prospit nation.
  • Rose the rulers of Fare-Sesso from the dead (figuratively) and united Sethorien and Fare-Sesso to create Fare-Unire - do-unite in italian - as the largest nation on the continent.
    • Expanded Fare-Unire by personally travelling to nearby towns and winning over their favor, including them into the nation
    • Won the siege of Temal, a USNET state in Koganon, with no intentions of breaching the Koganon Compact (no foreign colonization) by keeping the land. The land was sold to Arcadia for the total of $40,000, the promise of the land being put to use in a way best benefiting all of Koganon, and the backing of Arcadia in the rest of the USNET - Unire war
  • Due to a following of Pater Carnis in Eastwatch, Phin Frebius joined with his people to aid the defense of Pater Carnis against Silvians in the Battle of the Temple of Pater Carnis. The battle was lost although the consequences weren't great.
  • Death
    • At the Battle of the Temple, Phin Frebius sustained a great injury that eventually lead him to his deathbed. His dying words detailed his relief at a death he, his father, and the people of Eastwatch could respect, instead of one after years of being locked in a room and the constant babble of politics. Before his death, he revealed, to the public for their sake and hope, The Inner Eye of Frebius, and ancient family heirloom he decreed to now belong to each legitimate ruler of Eastwatch.

Fred Frebius - Phin Frebius' only legitimate son, the third Lord Frebius

  • Crowned at the age of 8, Fred Frebius was an unexpected Lord Frebius, having been found to be the legitimate son of Phin Frebius after accounts checked out - he was a bastard child, although eastern tradition didn't bar bastards from their highborn status. Eldemore Frebius, previously thought to be the third Lord Frebius, was made the steward of Eastwatch.
  • Due to his age, Fred Frebius could hardly rule. Thus, he was sent to the Inner Eye Institute of True Knowledge to learn the ways of the ruler.
  • Death
    • While attending the Inner Eye, Fred Frebius dies of a sudden illness. Little is known of the conditions surrounding it, and many speculate.

Eldemore Frebius - Phin Frebius' brother, Fred Frebius' uncle, the fourth legitimate Lord Frebius

  • Formerly the steward, Eldmore Frebius slid into the position of Lord Frebius. A man who spends much of his time with his books, handpicked councilors, and maps, and little out of his room, his intentions are unclear, although sharp if the almost natural crease of his brow means anything.
  • Writes The Ecosystem of Perspectives, a description of the construct that is an "ecosystem of perspectives" and how it can be used to empirically foresee character-driven events.
  • After finishing construction of the great south west watch tower, marking the end of the West Wall, he gave Eastwatch to one of the Emperor's inner ring members- sitsit- and left the nation which had been made with the help of his ancestors.
  • His current whereabouts are unknown, although he is often seen inserting himself into political conflicts. He retains possession of the Inner Eye. It is rumored he has a resting spot at the serene town of Nereida.

after a while...

  • With the creation of Il-Vuoto, a marge between Fare-Unire and Jotunstan, Eldemore Frebius became once again active and joined the new nation, only to leave shortly after with the disbandment of the nation back into Jotunstan and Fare-Sesso (renamed, instead of Fare-Unire).
  • Eldemore Frebius backed, as did Stahlfaust, Fare-Sesso in its defense against the Arcadian Altanate, Lydoneia, the FCA, and Ashina.
  • After the surrender of Fare-Sesso and the conclusion to what would have been the war, Syzmo of Jotunstan (having recently murdered Kangy) hired a PIB assassin, who successfully assassinated Eldemore Frebius. Since he was the last of the westward Frebiuses, the line of westward Frebiuses came to an end with his death.

Post Eldemore Updates

  • The ownership of the Inner Eye is still unknown.
  • An estate of unknown origin was sighted in southeastern Arith.

The Nomad Frebius - A Frebius of unkown origin who roams the world apparently aimlessly. Little is known about him, and he is known to disappear for long periods of time shortly after brief appearances. Although not officially the Lord of Eastwatch, he is the fifth Lord Frebius.