Lucius Ottavius

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Lucius Ottavius

Lucius Ottavius, (also known by his nicknames Pim, Pimpol, Punished_Racc00n) is a citizen of the City of Haven. He holds the titles of Legatus and Architectus of Haven, and is a High Priest of the Havenian Pantheon.


Early Life

Lucius is the 8th son of a wealthy family of merchants and brewers that lived in what is now the southern region of Lydoneia. Born 35 years ago to Claudius, a wine merchant, who was was rarely home. His mother, Lucretia, daughter of a long line of Brewers, took care of his upbringing, like she did for her other seven sons. Lucius grew in the villa sitting on top of the family's wineyard, and spent most of his childhood playing in the fields. There he found an attachment to plants, agricolture and, in general, farming. Lucretia made sure to educate him on the local myths and legends, for which he showed great interest. These religious tales, with time, began taking most of Lucius' thoughts. As a teenager, he started writing down his mother's tales, categorizing them and keeping them in order.

The "Pilgrimage"

On the day of Lucius' 21st birthday, Lucretia, who had been ageing rapidly, passed away. During her final hours, she explained to Lucius that most of the legends she used to tell him were taught to her by a reclusive group that called themselves "The high Priests", and that she believed he should have gone and found them, learning from them and writing down the mostly verbal culture that they were keeping. Not much is known of the next 14 years, what Lucius tells people who inquire about this period of thim is that "he simply went, listened and learned". After his pilgrimage, Lucius came back to his old home, finding it in ruin. Not much is known about the whereabouts of his brothers, or of his father. He has learned that atleast some of his brothers have moved north, in Ashina, but he has not been seeking contact with them. Homeless, but still hopeful, he travelled North. There he found the City of Haven, and captivated by its promise of isolation and neutrality, he decided that it would be a great City to start consolidating his knowledge.


Once he moved in the City, he began offering his knowledge of agriculture and farming to the fouder of Haven, Aurelius. He asked for few tools and began working on securing Haven's supply of food. The farms that are still standing today in the southern district of Haven were built by him in the first days of August 2021. After making himself known and showing his willingness to help, he offered Aurelius to support Haven's growth by making his religion, now dubbed the "Havenian Pantheon", the official religion of the City. With Aurelius' consent, he began transcribing the myths and teaching them to the people of Haven. There he lives to this current day, working towards making the City and its culture grow.

Political Beliefs

Lucius is a pacifist. He does not believe that strength and force should be used to gain anything, yet he respects what he calls "righteous hurt". He believes a government should be democratic, and that the State should seek to take care of each individual in every need. He believes in personal freedom, but he also believes in civic duty, growth and culture.

Notable Contributions

As a Citizen of Haven, Lucius is High Priest, Minister of Agricolture, Builder, Architect, Philosopher and, recently, volunteer nurse/doctor.

Notable builds in the city of Haven by Lucius are the statues in the Haven Pantheon Temple, the Haven Hospitalum, and the first official government building of Haven, the Granary.

The fields in the souther part of town were all built by him, with some help from Iskandar during the most recent expansion towards the West. Notable is the "Bee Heist", a series of day long boat traversations from Ashina's forests to Haven, with the goal of securing honey production.