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Lucran Saltsbane
of Strangers Rest
Born1st Day of Summer, 3288 CH (Roughly 372 Years, 31 Cycles in the Hells)
Alinyth, The Evening Isles
Height6'2 (188 cm)
TitleMaster of the 7 3/4 Seas, Wanderer of Hell Waters, Founder of Strangers Rest, Captain of the Devil's Kiss, Devilishly Good Captain (Self Titled)
Spouse(s)An Unnamed Wife (Deceased)
ChildrenUnknown Son (Deceased), Unknown Others
Parent(s)Vestiana of Alinyth (Mother), Unknown Father

Captain Lucran Saltsbane (Born 1st of Summer, 3288 CH) is a Lethonian ex-pirate, who has founded the town of Strangers Rest.


Early Life

Lucran was born on the 1st day of Summer, in the 3288th Cycle of the Hells. He was the child of an unknown father who was a victim of his mother Vestiana Lilin who raised him until he came of age. As a child, Lucran found himself drawn to the shores of his home. He would often go there and skip stones in the black water of the Mar; unlike many young children he had no fear of what dwelt beneath the oily waves. He has always maintained that his mother is a kind woman, though she struggles with the darkness that plagues many of his homeland. So he remained on the Island of Alinyth until his 2nd cycle (Roughly 24 years old) which was the traditional age that childeren left their home and made it on their own.

Coming to Alathra

Many years since he left home, Lucran was an explorer at heart and corsair by trade. It was one particular day when he was running from a pair of pursuing guard vessels whom did not take kindly to Lucran and his crew sneaking past them in the dead of the night. The Devil's Kiss was a well armed vessel, but Lucran had no intention of sending any souls to the crushing depths. Making his way to the open waters he planned to open a portal back to the hells, making his way to the front of the ship he began to chant causing the runes etched into the boards of the ship to faintly glow. The water before the ship roiled and rising from the water a great portal of blackened hellglass revealed itself. The ship would have made it through without problem if one of the pesky tailing vessels had not decided then to fire on the Kiss, the front facing cannon going wide and striking the portal frame as the ship passed through it. It was to late to do anything, and when the captain awoke the Devil's Kiss was strewn about an unknown shore, as where most of his crew. Only a small few lived through the ordeal and Lucran wandered along the shore line until he met a peculiar elf.

Joining Lethos

Shortly after arriving in Alathra, the first soul he met was a elf by the name of Dessious. After some exchanged words, Lucran had learned that he was also new to these lands and was in the process of founding a settlement there along the coast. As Lucran intended to rebuild the Devil's Kiss, he did not want to wander to far from where the vessel had crashed as there was still salvage that could be used. For several years he remained in the settlement of Akkabrim, and aided in the settlements growth.

Founding of Strangers Rest

After some deliberation, Lucran had decided that there was nothing significant that he was wanting to get back to, most of his crew was now dead and he was wanted in much of the world he came from. The opportunity came that he could found a port for the growing nation of Lethos. Coining it Stranger's Rest after an old smugglers cove he had once frequented before its fall in his early years of pirating. As he had not taken to pirating since he came to Alathra, he saw this as an effort to create a new life for himself. His new status had also allowed him to further aid Lethos as a ambassador.

War of the Tophetian Cycle

Lucran was a late-comer to the War of the Tophetian Cycle aligning himself with the Stalwart as one who had not fallen prey to the hells influences. He arrived the night before the fighting and holding up with the many paladins and soldiers awaiting a long night in Aranholm. When the fighting began he had chosen to take to the skies by manifesting demon-like wings to chase after the enemies archer who had taken to, for the time being, dropping bombs onto the allied troops. Their duel was well fought, though the enemy was agile and had plenty of tricks up their sleeve they could not match Lucran in hand to hand combat, and as they were a fellow Lethonian Lucran was sure to only render them unconcious.

Lucran then returned to the main fight, and set his target on the now warped leader of Lethos, Dessious. Now a transformed beast with very little reason left in his bloodlust Lucran was forced to take on more lethal tactics. The influence of the hells was of course effecting Lucran as well and as he summoned forth more and more of his power his will seemed to be wavering. It seemed he was holding his own aiding in the fight against Dessious, giving the creature several injuries. It was only when a viking ally mistook the captain for an enemy that Lucran found to influence to much to contain and instead of allowing it to run rampant decided it was best to sever his channeling of hells power rendering him unconscious for the duration of the fight.


Lucran does not hold a significant pantheon in any particularly devout standing. Instead he follows rudimentary believe in spirits (both deific and not), particularly those of the ocean. In some aspect he does revere these spirits as gods of a sort, though he knows few of their names if they even posses them. These entities are undeniable to him, as he has on numerous occasions spoken to them. No stranger to making deals for power, Lucran has used his Devil's gift for deal making to bind some of them to him. In times of desperate need he may call for their aid. So in short, while he does view these spirits as "gods" he does not offer them worship, and instead seeks to use them to further his own power.