Lyra Weber

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Physical Appearance

Lyra stands at 5,7 with pointed ears yellow ears dyed hair of almost every color slim build she can be seen wearing her work cloths most of the time but when is comes to Politics or apothecary she cleans up nicely she is pretty normal looking for where she was born


born in a Foreign land that was laid to war when lyra at the age of 12 had to flee Lyra found the Nation of Solaria and the ones around and fell in love with the people and the Empire as lyra grew she came to love helping people with the skills of medicine lyra's love for people got he at the age of 19 into the imperial senate. She then came upon the Flumen inivictus and how it was the border on the nation she could she the crime and hate the F.C.A was bring into the nation so with the power she had from the senate she rose a question of making a town on the invictus and using said town to make a Wall to try and keep the F.C.A out so the town of Sonntag was made and because of Lyra's love and skill of medicine and being so close to the F.C.A and being on the border Sonntag has a huge Hospital and to push the young Sonntag also has an Academy to learn all things that are deemed by the senate and the Imperial Majesty.
Lyra Weber
BornLyra Esma Kelcasmish
Not the lands of Alathra
OccupationPolitics, apothcary
Known forGoverning Sonntag and watching and building the Nation wall of Solaria
TitleGovernor, Senator, Aristocrat, Duke
Partner(s)Both are Decesased due to War in Lyra's Nation of Birth

Early Life

Born into a small family in a nation not on the maps of Alathra far away by sea she had to flee the naion at an early age due to war as her family was on the run from the war the war took her father and mother she had only her older brother they got on to a boat that was heading over sea's to land away from the way they took this as freedom and that boat took them to Solaria and due to it being new land her brother couldn't find work and they were on the streets she lost her broth to the sick and she found work at the hospital where she fell in love with helping others and she picked up the skill of medicine and later became an Apothecary then at the age of 19 and due to her becoming one of the best in her field she got onto the imperial senate.