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Photo of Maggot
Known forWorking for Shining Master
Height134 cm (4 ft 5 in)

Maggot is a goblin living in Redna. He obeys Shiny Master willingly


Maggot was born in a makeshift goblin tent. His mother was a darker skinned goblin and he never knew his father. His mother was the shaman of their tribe and she practiced black magic. Maggot grew up with his mother for ten years. He always feared black magic and was traumatized by what his mother has been doing. He started planning his escape so that he can be away from black magic. On one dark night with clouds covering the sky, Maggot escaped their tribal settlement but his escape was discovered. Next day, goblins riding various wild beasts started tracking young Maggot who was not clever enough to bring food with him. After running for ten hours straight, he collapsed. Starving and exhausted, Maggot was not able to take one more step. His eyes slowly closed against his will with the sound of wild beasts finally catching up. When he opened his eyes, he saw a white figure fighting the goblin hunters alone. His vision was blurry but the white figure was not even getting hit by the goblins that were sent by Maggot's mother. He watched the goblin hunters get decapitated by the white figure one, sometimes two at a time. He was saved The white figure approached Maggot with his sword in his hand. Maggot was frozen, all he could do was to stare at the waving hair of this man wearing white golden armor. He closed his eyes, stretched his neck so that his death was easier. He waited. And he waited. And he waited more. But he was not killed. A deep voice called out to him: "Come, little one. More hunters are on their way" When Maggot opened his eyes, the white figure was splitting his own bread. The figure gave half of the bread to goblin Maggot and then helped him get on his horse. They rode for Redna. Maggot was saved by that white figure he called "Shining Master". Shining Master was no one else but the king of Estea

Notable Event 1

Maggot was traumatized after his mother summoned a half gnoll, half demon beast to help with raids. He refuses to share what his mother did to summon it.

Notable Event 2

After being saved by Shining (or sometimes Shiny) Master, he started willfully obeying him.


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