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Other namesmcats8
OccupationMayor/Governor's Assistant
Known forMoving New Pacitta's Housing to the Braavos region of New Pacitta

Mullrart(Mcats8) was born on a small fungus island west of Lydoneia by the name of Mooshaloopia. Mooshaloopia was inhabited entirely by the Mieseeliads, a race of mushroom people, and mooshrooms. The island was peaceful and all who lived there were happy. Unfortunately the island of Mooshaloopia was alive and Mieseeliads knew mining would kill the island, so they never progressed into the iron age.

One day while fishing Mullrart saw smoke in the distance and realized the entirety of Mooshaloopia was on fire. He paddled back to the island. He saw that a strange group of people wearing blue armor were everywhere. He quickly fled the island on his boat. After he left though, the island began to shake and sank into the sea. After that, Mullrart paddled away from his home until he hit land.

When he finally reached land he went in search of a place that no one lived, as the blue armored people he had seen frightened him. After trekking endlessly from one end of the continent to the other, he found a small abandoned castle, and began to call it home. Weeks later a ragged old elf, by the name of Fulkien, found the castle. He also believed it was the perfect place to settle. At first the two fought, but soon they hashed out their differences and decided to build New Pacitta together.