Megcunian Solarism

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Megcunian Solarism is a monotheistic religion based around the worship of a divine individual known as Solare, though more commonly referred to as the lord/god, who embodies the sun. The religion was founded on the 13th of April 2022, in Megchester, and is practiced by the locals there devoutly.


Megcunian Solarists believe in a few key fundamentals, the first of which being the daily worship of Solare. The worship of Solare is particularly important as it proves your dedication to the faith, and loyalty to Solare. Next, the second major fundamental is to follow the 7 Divine orders of Solare, which serve as principals to base your life upon. Finally, the last key fundamental is that as long as you renounce sin and embrace Solare, you shall be granted entry to an eternal paradise after death.

The Seven Divine Orders

  1. Thou shalt honor the lord, and not use his name in vain
  2. Thou shalt not kill unjustly
  3. Thou shalt not commit heresy
  4. Thou shalt honor thy kin, and refrain from harming them
  5. Thou shalt refrain from questioning the prophets
  6. Thou shalt not consume the flesh of impure beings
  7. Thou shalt not break these commandments


Once again, unlike their fellow Nabil Solarists, the Megcunians have a different bible. The first of these many bibles was created on September 7th, 2022, by a local prophet preaching the message of Solare. This scripture is reported to have over 30 pages preaching Solare's divine message and adhering to the seven divine orders.


Saint Gillus-Canonized on 15.12.2022

Saint Megadalon-Canonized 24.04.2022