Melevor II

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His Imperial and Solar Majesty
Melevor Cestar II
Melevor Cestar the Younger
BornMelevor Íor Cestar
Unknown, during the foundation of the City of Pyrrhus
ResidencePalace of Kings, Solar Pyrrhus
Other namesMelevor the Younger
EducationHigh Academy of Pyrrhus
OccupationSolar Emperor of Terra and the Holy Solarian Empire
OrganizationThe Solar Ecclesiarchy of Erses, also known as Solaris
Known forForming the Solar Empire of Arith, founding Solaris, forming the Holy Solarian Empire
Notable workThe Solar Codex
Home townPyrrhus
TitleHis Imperial and Solar Majesty, the Solar Emperor of Terra, King of Kings, Voice of Erses, King of the Reunited Kingdom of Pyrrhia and Averonia
Spouse(s)Unknown woman
ChildrenMelevor III
FamilyImperial Dynasty of Cestar
AwardsGrand Order of the Knights of Solaris

Melevor Cestar II, also known as Melevor or Melevor the Younger (born at an unknown date during the foundation of Pyrrhus, in the Pyrrhus Politburo), is a Pyrrhian monarch and political leader who founded both the Solar Empire of Arith, and also the Holy Solarian Empire, alongside the Solar Ecclesiarchy of Erses, also known as Solaris.


Melevor, named after his father Melevor, has lived through all modern Pyrrhian states and is responsible for the Solarian revival. Throughout his life he has seen the scourging of Pyrrhus, the rise of the U.C.C.R, the ascendancy of the Solarian religion and the establishment of the Holy Solarian Empire.

Birth and Early Life

Being born in the city of Pyrrhus to Melevor I and an unknown wife, Melevor was the eldest of the Pyrrhian leader's sons and destined to succeed his father as the head of the Druidic faith, and as leader of the Pyrrhians. He was educated in the High Academy of Pyrrhus and completed his education shortly before the Great Alathran War where he served as a field officer alongside his father during the campaigns at Romanus Silva, Fort Nevermore and the failed assault at Peachfield.

From his experiences at war with the Elyrians he grew quickly both into the Pyrrhian martial culture, but also a great admiration for Elyrian tactical supremacy.


With the scourging of Pyrrhus and the migration of the Pyrrhian people along the Western coasts of Arith, Melevor helped his father found Ceiltea and continued in his military and religious education under the watchful eyes of the Conclave of Druids. Despite the disciplining of the strict Druids and his mentors, they could never manage to beat the love for fire that the young man had started to develop, at some points putting his entire hand into burning fires.


Throughout the course of the Union of Collectivist Council Republics all of Pyrrhian society was politicised under the Collectivist vision, all of it apart from the Druids. As religion dwindled throughout the society, Melevor increasingly became apolitical and sometimes even distasteful towards Collectivist rhetoric, only seeing the value in his father's authoritarianism and paternal rule over the nation.

Coming to the end of his religious education, Melevor's obsession with fire would lead to the first conversation he'd ever have with the Solarian God - Solaris Erses. Through his conversations with Erses, Melevor would discover that the Ceiltean Druidist faith was built off a misinterpretation of the cosmic order, and that Erses was in fact the only God, the other supposed "gods" being angels. It was this that drove the rebellious young man into establishing the Sect of the True Flame, a cult-like underground movement that sought to bring Erses' vision to life.

Melevor and the Sect's calling came when the Second Pater Carnis Crusade happened. The resurgence of religious sentiment following the desecration of Ceiltean Elks by Ra'thra led to the amassing of a crusader army in what at the time was called Melevorgrad - later Solar Pyrrhus. The amassing of the army at the capital was a breeding ground from the fervent Sect, who taught many soldiers how to use pyromancy and other magics, and quickly found many convertees, who starting making up nearly half of the army.

During the siege at the Temple of Pater Carnis, Melevor watched his father killed during battle, and following which he was named the King of Kings and new ruler of the U.C.C.R.


The Collectivist state was quickly torn down, many high-ranking Collectivists mysteriously disappearing or found dead or assassinated. This was overlooked, however, as Melevor held a coronation in the former Palace of Collectivists in the newly renamed Solar Pyrrhus crowning himself as Emperor.

In the following days the now Emperor Melevor was contacted by King Tartarus of Silva and other conspirators inside the Free Cities of Alathra, and worked with them to plot the liberation of Western Arith which unleashed the Arith Crisis between the Solar Empire of Arith and the Free Cities, ending with a FCA victory, but allowing the Empire to keep all lands west of the Arith DMZ at Arith Market.

The Emperor conducted a strict and pragmatic foreign policy for the new Empire, mostly aimed at converting other states to the Solarian faith and quickly developing the Empire into a theocratic monarchy after the death of Tartarus. These attempts at converting other states would succeed with the conversions of Eldia and Elyria, culminating in the establishment of the Holy Solarian Empire.



Political Ideology


Religious Significance


Personal Life and Characteristics


Physical Appearance

Melevor seen rallying Solarian soldiers after the proclamation of Solaria Resurrectionis

Melevor II, like his father has the characteristic Cestar greyish-blue eyes, and like his mother strong auburn hair. He is of a an average height and is well built as a result of his participation in various wars and cultivation of military culture within the Solar Empire of Arith. Melevor ensures that his hair and beard are constantly well-groomed, as a signature of his look. He is often seen wearing traditional tunics, notably white and gold, or red and gold, but more often since the Dance of the Eagles and the Solaria Resurrectionis he has been seen wearing a unique set of armour, and during battle a facemask. Along with this uniform he wears, like his father, military leather boots and can sometimes - while fulfilling religious duties - be seen wearing ceremonial robes, and the Imperial Regalia, including the Solar Crown.

Melevor II, like his father is extremely physically active, participating in heavy labour, architectural planning, fencing and other activities including horse riding. Like his father, the young Solar Emperor has looked forward to the creation of a Solarian annual national games called the "Pyrrhiad"