Melevor III

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His Imperial and Solar Highness
Melevor "Konstantious" Cestar III
Konstantious Cestar the Younger
BornMelevor Konstantious Cestar
Unknown (age 20), before the proclamation of the Solar Empire of Arith
Solar Pyrrhus
ResidenceSandhof Palace, Solar Pyrrhus
Other namesKonstantious the Younger
EducationImperial Academy of Solar Pyrrhus
OccupationSolar Prince of Terra and the Holy Solarian Empire, Imperial Governor of Sun Harvest and Senator, Supreme Marshal of the Holy Solarian Army
OrganizationThe Solar Ecclesiarchy of Erses, also known as Solaris

The Imperial Solarian Army

The Knights of Solaris
Known forReintroducing the Knights of Solaris, reorganizing the Imperial Solarian Army, promoting the national resurrection of Solaria.
Notable workThe Treaty of Solarian Union, Imperial Law Code
Home townSolar Pyrrhus
TitleHis Imperial and Solar Highness, the Solar Prince of Terra, Imperial Governor of Sun Harvest and Senator, Supreme Marshal of the Imperial Solarian Army
FamilyImperial Dynasty of Cestar
AwardsGrand Order of the Knights of Solaris
HonoursImperial Knighthood

Melevor Cestar III, most commonly known as Konstantious or Konstantious the Younger (born at an unknown date before the proclamation of the Solar Empire of Arith in Solar Pyrrhus), is a Pyrrhian prince and military leader who manages both the Imperial Solarian Army and Knights of Solaris. Alongside this, he serves as the Grand Master of the Sun Harvest Chapter, representing it in the Imperial Senate as mayor of the fortress monastery of Thyraion.


Melevor, traditionally named after his father Melevor II, but also commonly referred to simply by his alternative name Konstantious, has lived through major events in recent history being responsible for the reorganization of the Imperial Solarian Army, reintroduction of the Knights of Solaris, and the creation of core documents laying down the framework of the Holy Solarian Empire. Throughout his life he has seen the collapse of the Union of Collectivist Council Republics, the proclamation of the Solar Empire of Arith, and the unification of the Solarian world into the Holy Solarian Empire.

Birth and Early Life

Being born in the city of Solar Pyrrhus, within the purple and prestigious walls of the Palace of Kings within the royal apartments, Melevor "Konstantious" Cestar was born in the presence of his father Melevor II and his grandfather Melevor within the borders of the then Union of Collectivist Council Republics. Despite this, it was destined per ancient custom that he would eventually succeed his father when his time came as head of the Drudic faith, and as leader of the Pyrrhians. He was educated within the private upper echelons of the Imperial Academy of Solar Pyrrhus, receiving an education in philosophy, politics, religion, military strategy, and other elective studies.

With this background, he promptly joined up with the Imperial Solarian Army, gathering experience in both in the field command strategy and hand to hand combat in which he excelled, adapting easily into Pyrrhian martial arts culture and utilizing Elyrian battle theory in regards to tactical supremacy.







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Personal Life and Characteristics


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