Methild Balynore

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After the destruction of Elyselion, Vaerde Balynore fled the settlement with a group of 37 younglings and moved the the northern central hills of Moria, founding the village of Lyallion. The group of Moon elves would name themselves Clan Balynore, all adopting Vaerde’s last name regardless of actual lineage. Within this group of elves, ages ranging from 5-50, were Methild’s parents. 75 years after Elyselion was destroyed by the Äävot Daasee, Methild was born to two of the Elves, a twin to his sister Azaria. The small tight-knit community meant that the two children were raised as a group effort. Due to the relatively recent events (especially for elves), Clan Balynore returned to the old ways of moon elves. Rather than the mostly peaceful and dionysus-like lifestyle they had led at Elyselion, the elves took on a far more traditional approach. Methild and Azaria were both trained as warriors, more specifically assassins. Starting their training at the age of 5, the twins were put through rigorous training each day throughout the week. Although this made them quite capable as warriors, it meant that their mental development was significantly stunted. By the age of 12, both elves had grown into fairly well trained warriors as well as having developed their proper personalities and fighting styles. Methild was the better assassin, well versed in deception, stealth, speed, and surprise, but wasn’t quite able to hold his own in a one on one against Azaria, much less any of the older elves. Methild also wasn’t one to take a hit well, quite prone to any pain. Azaria on the other hand was a better and nobler fighter, but wasn’t a great assassin. She was skilled with the blade, able to parry and turn around any disadvantageous scenario, but she fell short in the key parts of being an Assassin, that being speed, stealth, and deception. The two together, however, made an excellent team, each covering the other’s weaknesses.

By this time, the two had also developed their own personalities well distinguished from each other. Methild was almost sociopathic in tendency, likely due to the harsh upbringing, and was unable to access emotions for those other than his sister. He was the more blunt of the two and less socially adept than Azaria, his emotions having been sealed off within him to aid in his job. Azaria, in contrast, was quite emotionally intelligent and quite empathetic, especially when compared to her brother. They were a pair of opposites. At the age of thirteen, the two were gifted weapons on their birthday. To Methild went the daggers Ehta and Cirissë, twin blades meant for weaving in and out of range of the enemy and making quick, decisive cuts. To Azaria went Lótëa Hyanda, a hand-and-a-half sword to help her stand her ground more effectively. One day at the age of 15, however, on a normal training mission, Azaria would go missing. Seeing as she had gone east, towards the city of Dakuh Duzma, Methild took brash action on his own. Assuming she had been captured somehow or, worse yet, killed, Methild became worried and took off in the middle of the night towards the mountain kingdom without informing any of his other friends or family. Wielding the twin blades, Methild managed to sneak past or kill the guards on his way into the mountain, heading straight towards the throne room to try and question Vernesteen directly. What Methild failed to account for was that Vernesteen did not often use the throne room and preferred staying in a study slightly farther away. Arriving to an empty room, Methild, still an apprentice, accidentally alerted Vernesteen to his presence. When Methild managed to find Vernesteen’s private quarters, he was surprised to find the Admiral prepared for his presence and was promptly captured in the ensuing fight. Unsure what to do with the boy, and well aware of his past sins, Vernesteen decided he would try to care for the elf as he could see how damaged he was inside. To do this, however, Methild’s past and memories had to be done away with as the elf would try to break free otherwise. To achieve this goal, Vernesteen had a mage place a mental block within Methild’s mind of the first 15 years of his life creating a fantasy in which he lived a mostly normal life until his parents were killed in. This mental block also allowed teachers to quickly teach him to speak Saljaajui, but in return he forgot his ability to speak Quenya, although it was hidden deep within him. His daggers were also renamed Uo and Vaat, Saljaajui translations of their original titles. From then on, Methild was functionally adopted by Vernesteen, who took it upon himself to teach the elf the ways of the Äävot Daasee.

Adolescence and Adulthood

At the age of 16, following all other residents of Tiirta Äävot Jat, Methild joined the Navy and was trained as a sailor within the Tiirta military. During this early training period, he trained at Nabilzahir as all other soldiers do to learn of his magical prowess. This period allowed him to discover an aptitude for fire related magic, an aptitude significantly helped by his elven blood. This aptitude would make him an essential part of any ship that he was later stationed on and, after his 5 year mandatory training, he continued to study magic before quickly becoming an Isuuskuuhmai myttänäy and first mate on a small ship belonging to the Southern Fleet located at Ääkädyisy Mes. Throughout his life spent within Tiirta Äävot Jat, Methild would lose his hardened emotions that were drilled into him from an early age and would learn to become more caring and empathetic, at least to the best of his ability. From then, Methild would partake in many smaller conflicts within the southern region but also across the seas where he would grow in both rank and recognition. By the age of 25, Methild had become Jeuaaa of his own frigate and commanded a smaller convoy of ships within the greater Southern Fleet. As a military strategist, he was brilliant, winning most battles within which he had a leading commanding role. Although Methild did care for his soldiers, being friendly with most of them, he was not afraid to make large sacrifices for the greater picture. Perhaps a remnant of his early life that had snuck through, perhaps part of his nature, either way Methild was not afraid to use his soldiers to achieve greater goals within a battle, but did this with much caution and forward planning. Although many soldiers were not necessarily fond of his tactics, they respected him and knew that he did not make such plans lightheartedly. His upwards climb would only continue from there and. by the age of 40, Methild was Eiäy of the Southern Fleet and lord of Ääkädyisy Mes. As wars became less frequent, and peacetime started to creep in, Methild took on a more diplomatic role. At the age of 63, Methild became Vernesteen’s right hand elf and second in command of both the military and Tiirta Äävot Jat itself. For the next 34 years, Methild would continue to improve his magic and strategies, but would still find himself less empathetic than the nearest rock, making his diplomacy shabby at the best of times.

Modern Era

Now 97, nearly considered fully matured for an elf, Methild had grown into a significantly more capable person. He was able to maintain himself in conversation without being rude for at least a few exchanges and was able to fake basic empathy to a reasonable level. He had grown into an inquisitive mind, well versed in literature and history, but was still a capable warrior and magic wielder. At this time, he was called upon by Vernesteen to accompany him to the Library, located on Gaushun. During this short trip, Methild would discover a small grimoire of a new form of magic, Graviturgy. This magic, created by the original Moon Elves, was a much more brutal form of magic than the significantly cleaner, more natural elemental magic that Methild was used to. This new form of magic brought forth, once again, Methild’s cruelty and ever so slightly corrupted his personality, adding a newfound drive for power. This new magic also changed Methild’s physical appearance, causing his eyes to become completely clouded with a pure black inky substance and a corruption to spread from both his eyes and fingertips. This newfound magic also caused Methild to begin to question his lineage as a moon elf. Methild now travels to Haven, partially at the behest of Vernesteen, and partially to see if he can learn of what others know of Graviturgy as well as seeking out information regarding his ancestors, the Isil Quendi. Future: as Methild continues to use Graviturgy he will return to his old ways without empathy and become more cruel, not without inner turmoil of course.

Physical Appearance

Methild is 6’6” tall and quite slender. Possessing pale, ghostly white skin and silvery white long hair, he is unmistakably a moon elf. Possessing the pointed ears of an elf, adorned with different piercings and earrings of silver, he is quite the stark fellow. He normally wears straight black dress-like pants as well as a high collared black blazer adorned with silver buttons and silver epaulettes. Beneath the blazer, he wears a white shirt but it is often completely hidden by his jacket. For footwear he wears standard black leather combat boots. His most distinguishable feature are his eyes, which are completely black, whites included, and do not have distinguishable pupils nor irises.