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The Capital of the Confederacy, Pragma
The Capital of the Confederacy, Pragma
EstablishedJan 15 2022
 • High DruidKevien12.png Kevien12
Population (8 April 2022)
 • Total23

Mirenirenic is a Confederacy comprised of 6 individual states and settlements, located in the North of Arith. It is a generally peacefully nation, with cooperative states assisting each other in development and growth.

Current Members



The Village of Greenpath is the biggest and most central town of the nation, and was the first town to join Pragma in the nation.




Eastern most town of the nation


Former States:


The city of Luna is a City State, and joined the Confederacy on the 13th of March. It was the most Western State of the Confederacy, until it left the Confederacy to form the The Holy Nation State of Praetara.


The Infernal Incursion

This is the detailing of the attack of the infernal creatures on the 1st of April. (April Fools Event)

The aiding of the Lunarian Outpost

The first attack of the infernal creatures happened on what was the borders of the City-State Luna, at it's eastern most outpost. Infernals were spotted gathering near, and a letter was sent to the members of the Confederacy for assistance. Assistance from the states of Pragma and Willowglade was provided, and the creatures were fought of. The creatures were then tracked by Pragma scouts, and were found to have gone to the caverns of Oakhurst.

The battle of the Oakhurst caverns

After the main forces arrived in Oakhurst, they were attacked by several waves of enraged Phantoms, some of which were also enchanted with the same Infernal fury. The caverns were then explored, where several severely strong infernal and undead creatures were hiding, which led to several causalities. The battle lasted for approximately an hour at Oakhurst, before all the infernal were quenched, and a celebration was held.