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The gorgeous Mjǫðr at night

Mjǫðr was founded on April 5 2021 by Salem64. It is a city of Vikings located in an icy tundra along the western end of the world.

The first citizen was assistant Lilisaurus, with many citizens joining soon thereafter like Mockma, BananaMannCo, TheToadstool, and P1ge0ns.

As of June 13, 2021, Mjǫðr is tied with Senza-Nome for the largest city in Alathra with 11 residents.


The population of Mjǫðr grew rapidly, gaining new members daily. Led by Salem64, they trained their PvP skills often, planning for world domination.

Hargreevs vs. Mjǫðr

In mid April, Hargreevs noticed that some of her ancient debris had been stolen. She blamed the citizens of Mjǫðr, as they knew where her tunnel bore was. The vikings vehemently denied this. Hargreevs launched a one-woman assault on the nation. Ironically, the viking raiders had become the raided. During the battle, Salem64 was killed, and their Netherite sword was stolen. Hargreevs returned to Kais Kogong, where her attack was criticized by Vasya. Salem6 pleaded for the return of their sword, and was killed on the docks of Kais Kogong several times, before the sword was returned.


Shortly after the war, the vikings became inactive, their plans for world domination discarded. Lilisaurus occasionally logged on, but it was not enough to keep the once bustling town intact. It fell to ruin in on June 16th, and was raided by new players shortly after. Mjǫðr was later claimed by an individual known as D4RK_Extra as the town of New Svalbard, but soon afterwards became an inactive member of the server.