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The Continent of Moria
The Continent of Moria
The Continent of Moria
Ethnic groups Jurgen, Fossorean, Celtic-Morian, Ashinian, Eschellic, Yayha
Demonym Morian, Moriean

Moria, also known as New Anglia, Teedeeltie Nehtää, or Whenua, is the westernmost continent of Alathra.


The following is a list of geographical regions on Moria.

Moria divided into geographic regions, version 7.


This is a list of current and former nations on Moria. It is by no means a complete list, but gives a decent picture of the powers on the continent throughout history. This section was last update 2/22/2022.

Active Nations

Former Nations


This is a list of Morian cities. This section was last updated 2/21/2022.

Active Cities

Abandoned Cities

Development of Nations Through History

Ethnic Groups

Morian culture as a whole, although holding many distinct identities and cultures within it, has some overarching themes that its people are uniformly supportive of. Self-reliance and independence are the most important ideals of any Morian. It is common to find new towns or nations springing up, hoping to make a life for their people where imperialists and colonialists are unwelcome. Attempts at colonization always spark hostility among the native Morians.


The Jurgs live in northern Moria. They tend to live in small tribes and villages. Jurgen culture dominates the city of Goulrich.


The whole of the Fossores Republic (and its successor nations like the N.F.R.) developed a culture distinct from those of its individual cities. Fossoreans strongly believed in ideals such as "development, freedom, diplomacy, internal cohesion, and protecting the homeland" (Fossores Republic Wiki Page). Fossorean culture dominates Mineopolis and Blocksburg. It also has a strong influence in Warsiawska, Eschelle, Ezra, and Crystal Cove.


The Celtic-Morian culture dominated the Manchester Empire, the Liverpool Empire, and Nabilzahir. It also had a strong presence in the Fossores Republic. Since the fall of Fossores, the Celtic-Morian people have dispersed across the continent. Today, its influence is most pronounced in Nabilzahir. The settlement of Llanybydder Point is also almost entirely Celtic-Morian.


The city of Dakuh Duzma and the surrounding territory has Dwarven culture.


The mesas of Ezra were once the heartland of Shemite culture. They were a rural, family-oriented people who avoided organized nations and urban centers, preferring instead to live instead in villages out in the desert. The Shemites followed the Notchism religion and had close ties to the Alathran Villagers. In the turmoil surrounding the fall of Fossores, the Shemite people were driven from Ezra. It is unclear exactly what happened to them or if any remain on Moria.


In ancient times, the Yayha lived in what is now Brodesia. With the construction of Nabilzahir, Yayha culture was mostly snuffed out. Most of the Yayha people either assimilated into Nabilzahir's culture or moved on to new lands.


The remote island-city of Delphi has a unique culture. Because of Eschelle's reclusive nature, little is known about their culture.

Äävot Daasee

The Äävot Daasee have populated Anderm for the past 500 years.


Ashina purchased the Third Fossores Republic in March 2022, giving them influence in all of southern Moria.


Encavian culture is present in former Imperial city of GreenFrost.