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Mr. Rose
Mr. Rose, drawn shortly after he finished construction of the first tower of the Magic School of Irithil.
BornMister Rose
ResidenceThe Magic School of Irithil, top of The First Tower.
EducationSelf taught
OccupationSchool teacher
OrganizationThe Magic School of Irithil
Notable workthe books Introduction and School Rules, The First Tower
TitleHead Professor

Born to an average family, raised with his head in the clouds but feet on the ground, Mister Rose knew his path was that of a mage. But without a teacher his pace was slow, and he grew increasingly frustrated with the difficulty he faced learning magic from the rare, expensive texts purchased from merchants or through trial and error. This culminated in the decision to devote himself to removing that particular obstacle from the path of future mages- by making a school for teaching magic, free for any with a desire to learn. He reached out to others he knew in the magical community for training before looking for a place to settle down and build. It did not take long to find the perfect town.

Rose was welcomed into Irithil, his new home, and given land to build his dream school. There he built The First Tower, and the school's first water feature as well.

While travelling around looking for students and instructors Rose came upon The Midnight Library. The librarian who owned this travelling place of knowledge, Mr. Macabre, lent him a book to read. A few days later Rose returned the novel, then feverishly wrote and published his textbook titled Introduction, which he made many copies of to distribute at the school. As a sign of gratitude he gifted the original to Mr. Macabre and offered him a position as school librarian, which was kindly declined, as Mr. Macabre had his eyes set on a different school.

Mr. Macabre invited Rose along to visit this school, another school of magic, which has been the recent victim of a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 200 individuals. The grand school gave him the idea to create an organization of schools to better find and teach students.

A few weeks after the publishing of Introduction, Rose broke up a scam that was being used to swindle hard working miners of their iron profits. Realizing this was an opportunity to set fair standards, he swiftly published his second book, School Rules, which outlined not only the rules of his school and his values, but set the terms of magic services offered to people so everyone involved would benefit.