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Nabilzahir is a city in southeastern New Anglia. It has historically been run by Megadalon, experiencing a tumultuous history. It is located in an oasis along the Nabil River and has a desert-based theme.


Nabilzahir was founded presumably sometime in June by an individual known on discord as DriesTjardus and his friends, settling at an oasis right in the center of the Nabil River, where the town would go on to be founded. Over the course of a few days, the iconic palace, boat, and bridge were constructed whilst they went on a murder spree across alathra, with one of their attempted targets being the future owner Megadalon. Shortly after, they founded the Sultanate of Yahya, with the name reportedly coming from someone in the town owner's family life.

Arrival of Megadalon

Shortly after construction finished on the town, it quickly stagnated into relative inactivity, which led to the owner sending out a message in discord stating that the first person to come to the town would receive 2 netherite sets and the town itself, which happened to be Mega. Shortly after his involvement in the war at petroselinium, the handover was completed, and Mega became the second sultan of Yahya.

The Horizon League

Some time after taking control of Nabilzahir and the sultanate, Mega decided to join Devox and Pultria in the formation of the Horizon league, a nation spanning from savage crow to most of New Anglia, excluding a small portion in the north. Following this, Nabilzahir experienced rapid growth and accelerated the towns player count above 20, bringing development to the once barren land, though it was not to last. Less than 2 weeks after the nation was founded, an individual who was called AddingAUsername joined the nation, and quickly launched a coup. His actions led to the nation's split into the Manchester Empire, Liverpool Empire, and Pultria respectively.

The Nabil Golden Age

Following this split from the Horizon League, Nabilzahir experienced a golden age, reaching both large player counts and national borders, coming to control much of southern New Anglia. The nation would eventually come to aid the newly formed Fossores Republic, helping them expand and negotiate a deal with Sunset Bay over a recent conflict. In addition, the two nations worked together on many projects, including the continental canals, though sadly this cooperation was not to last.

Fossoreian Betrayal

Following the two nations cooperation, the Manchester Empire unknowingly obtained a town that had split from fossores, called Beograd Na Moru. Fossores shortly after reached out offering a buyout of the town, which Mega accepted, however this was merely a lie presented to the people of the Empire. Shortly after, Fossores declared war, providing illegitimate reasons and invaded the nation, with Megadalon forming a last stand in Nabilzahir against more than 10 players, though he was eventually defeated.


Nabilzahir, following the war, was occupied by Fossores throughout the duration of the Great War, with Mega making repeated small gains in its attempted liberation. Following the great war, the town entered massive stagnation under the occupation of Fossores, with the nation eventually returning the land to it's rightful owner, Mega.