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Nanochad is a citizen of the island of Estea. He first woke up in Alathra completely unaware of his identity, he suffered complete amnesia and couldn't piece together who he was. With help from the residents of Estea, he was given a temporary home, and soon he started to remember his past life as Nanochad, the genetically modified creeper from a few thousand blocks outside Alathra. He was designed to be fast, deadly and intelligent. Because creepers were at war with the local human tribes, they were on the brink of extinction, so a group of creeper scientists got together to produce Nanochad, the first genetically modified creeper, he could run at up to 60,000 blocks per hour, and could jump 3 blocks into the air, he could also calculate complex maths problems in a short period of time, but most of all, he could explode with the power of 30,000 blocks of TNT, so he was intended to be used as a suicide weapon, but one day, while he was training, Nanochad was attacked by a group of the humans, who beat him almost to death before dragging his body to the border of Alathra, where he woke up