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StateFree Cities of Alathra
Founded byGrimTheRedWolf
Population (10th January 2023)
 • Total9
An early picture of NoTown among the icebergs (Nov 24th, 2020)

Nowhere, Originally NoTown (which was a town founded by user ThePit_ on November 19th, 2020), is a small town located South West of HighTide and North East North of 0,0.

The town consists of a single island housing a large castle standing tall among the ice burgs in the frozen ocean around it. Inside the castle are small stone houses with spruce plank roofing. Nowhere is a member of the Free Cities of Alathra, however this was not intended as the former leader and owner of Nowhere, Isenhiem, wished for the town to stay independent from any other nation.


NoTown and the Age of the Gods

On November 19th, 2020, ThePit_ founded the city of NoTown, creating Fort Gillamore. Around this time, it is believed that one of the gods of Alathra, Zedd, assisted with the construction of the fort using a human guise. Regardless, Fort Gillamore soon expanded into a bustling city-center, complete with a blacksmith, armory, bookstore, church, and town hall. ThePit_ and Zedd are responsible for much of the current buildings as they are seen today.

Nowhere as of August 14th, 2021

Between March and April 2021, ThePit_ abandoned Fort Gillamore, leaving NoTown to go bankrupt and thus become dissolved.


From April to May 2021, Fort Gillamore remained abandoned, falling prey to looters. During this time, many of the buildings deteriorated from the ransacking as well as from the passage of time.

On May 21, 2021, TNT_Shooter42 founded the town of Mausia, taking up residence on a nearby iceburg and claiming Fort Gillamore as a potential expansion area. However, on May 31, Mausia failed to pay its upkeep, and thus was also dissolved.

After Mausia's downfall, the old FCA (Free Cities of Alathra) tentatively considered annexing Fort Gillamore as a southern outpost. However, these plans were complicated when the Alathran Independent Press, also noting Mausia's downfall, decided to set up their headquarters there. After tense negotiations between Head Scribe Zaktoslph and Prime Minister spiceymonkey1349, the AIP decided to move their headquarters elsewhere, leaving Fort Gillamore abandoned once again.

King Isenheim

On July 19th, 2021, Isenhiem explored the surrounding ocean and came across the ruins of Fort Gillamore completely unaware of its history. 2 days later, Isenhiem started to live in the ruins and rebuilt the town. On July 22nd, 2021, Nowhere was founded and later joined the FCA.

When the old FCA split into the Kingdoms of Arith and the Federation of Arith, Nowhere decided to stick to the FoA. However, on August 22nd, Isenheim made the move to leave the FoA after threats of war from Elyria.

It's not clear exactly what happened after this, even though it was a major chain of events in Nowhere's history, but it ended with Nowhere falling back into disrepair.

Resettlement and reconstruction of Nowhere

FCN Nowhere and FCA Ocean Liner docked in Nowhere dockyards.

Nowhere was refounded by HansJG05 on Febuary 3rd 2022 with help from F.C.A. Senator Fred_Book

Overtime new members would join and leave Nowhere and eventually Nowhere would face heavy redesign and construction as the new members attempted to fix the damage of Nowhere's past

Eventually Nowhere would construct a dockyards which would house one unknown FCA Oceanliner and a recently commissioned Free Cities Navy (FCN) warship "F.C.N. Nowhere"

Much of Nowhere has been renovated and improved since it has been resettled.


Since the creation and rebuilding of the town, several buildings have been built.

The Library/Cafe

Also known as 'Whispering Bean Coffee and books', the Library holds lecterns with books written by people all over Alathra. The Library also serves as a cafe where people can sit and have drinks. It is located right across from the Holiday Inn.

The Inn/Tavern

The Holiday Inn has only two beds but serves as a bar/tavern where people can have drink and buy food. It also holds a stage and hot tub on the roof. A recent addition has been a root cellar, dedicated to brewing drinks.

The Town Hall

The town hall was a stone brick building that sat at the end of the main street. Inside it had rows of chairs that point to a stage. Above the chairs was a dispenser mechanic, thought to be an assassination trap. On the roof was a dog that belonged to ThePit_, the original founder of NoTown, but the dog sadly went missing a while ago. The Town Hall was torn down recently by the order of HansJG05, the current leader of Nowhere. It remains a barren lot for the time being.

The last sign of ThePit_ (His dog)

The Keep/Throne room

The main part of Nowhere and the most important, the Throne Room held chairs that represent the seats of all the nations in Alathra. It has three floors, the second and third can be accessed by the walls, which all have chairs except the third which is reserved for people who aren't representatives of a nation. To the right of the Keep is the storage room and the historic home of Isenhiem. To the left is the armory. The throne room has undergone changes recently, and now serves as a meeting hall for the current members.

the Throne Room as it stood in the time of Isenheim


Empty houses cover the island meant as housing for villagers. The villagers have disappeared since the town was abandoned.

Sky Islands

Above Nowhere were several sky islands, depicting different biomes and serving different purposes. on the largest sky island was a big blackstone castle-like structure, sometimes referred to as a church. outside were heads on pikes, and flesh and giant tentacles covered the island. inside the church was Isenheim's new throne with heads along the sides of a red carpet. there were lecterns, one of them said to be holding a book, but that book went missing long ago. the sky islands were destroyed and the blackstone structure demolished.

Church of the Great Crab

The Church of the Great Crab is a Temple of Crabolicism constructed underground by the Crab Prophet, Hotchicken901. Crabolicism is the official religion of Nowhere.


The defenses include various gatehouses and upgraded battlements constructed by NotoriousBLT63


Outpost when first discovered by NotoriousBLT63

The nowhere outpost is southeast of the town. It was rediscovered by a member while exploring, and was claimed under the town after they noticed the town's banner hanging from its walls. It was renovated and supplied before being garrisoned. After a while, it was unclaimed by the town and therefore was abandoned.

Fort Doom

Fort Doom as it was when first finished (image taken from dynmap)

Fort Doom was a mainland fortress/outpost built by NotoriousBLT63. It consisted of a fortified keep surrounded by a crenellated wall with a tower at the corner. It was unclaimed for a while due to bankruptcy and was unknowingly sold to the nation of Estryae in a land purchase. After realizing it was claimed it was purchased back by Nowhere but due to it's poor condition and lack of use, it is planned to be converted into a cathedral for worship of The Great Crab.


Nature and location

Nowhere is located in a Frozen/cold ocean with icebergs surrounding it. The island itself is covered in snow but this is mainly stopped by the diverse plant life. The island has spruce trees growing and even has a miniature spruce forest. The town is surrounded by a glorious stone brick wall that blocks any mobs from the unclaimed area from entering. Due North of the island is the continent Arith. Nowhere is always cold and often snows so when visiting its best to bring your winter gear.

A path in Nowhere at night

The Island itself is often seen as being in the middle of the sea and where all the oceans meet offering great trading routes by boat and ship.


Crabolicism is the main culture and religion of Nowhere, the religion was brought to Nowhere by hotchicken901. Crabolicism is the story of how the Great Crab rose from the primordial sea and released his brood of crabs. They spread his holy will throughout the land until one day a mortal set his eyes on his Holiness and the first words the Mortal spoke "HAIL THE GREAT CRAB!" and thus Crabolicism was born. Sense then the Great Crab has left the world never to be seen again, until he is needed most. Now Popes and Paladins of the Great Crab roam the Lands. Pope hotchicken901 and Paladin Deacomeister now plot the expansion of Crabolicism beyond Alathra...

Political standings

Nowhere used to be a monarchy ruled by the self-proclaimed King of Nothing, Isenhiem, but is now a stalwart member of the F.C.A.