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Nora is a young farmer living on Prospit.

Early Life

As a child, Nora lived a calm life with her parents. When she reached sixteen, she moved out of home and worked as a farmhand in an orchard. She worked long days in exchange for food, shelter, and pocket money for clothes. When Nora was eighteen she said goodbye to the farmers who had been close friends to her for years and traveled to Prospit in search of fertile land to start her own farm.

Modern Day

Today, Nora resides in her two-person town of Siera with Jdthoma, a welcome addition to the town. Nora works on understanding more about Prospit and Kogongu’s dynamics and societies. Nora has now made herself acquainted with several political figures in Kogongu and Prospit.


Nora believes that all deserve kindness, respect, and compassion.

In addition, she believes to give hospitality to all that come to her door regardless of their beliefs.

Short Stories From the Past

A collection of stories from Nora's past.

A Morning In Lisiertel

   As Nora woke up she could feel the cold inside her little room. She sat up and saw a thin layer of frost on the window. Nora laid back down and wrapped herself in her warm pelts, not yet wanting to face the day's challenges. After trying, and failing, to fall asleep again, Nora got back up. Nora got dressed and wiped the frost on the window away to reveal a perfect layer of snow on the ground. She put a cloth against the window and headed to the front door, where she grabbed her sheepskin coat, and walked to the little store in town. 

“Milo! I hope the snow wasn't too bad.” Nora said as she walked into the little store. Milo responded, a little startled, “Oh hey Nora, the snow was fine. How was the walk?” “It gets shorter every day,” Nora replied cheerfully. “Anyways, I was told bread and eggs were coming in today…” “You were told right, they came just before the snow last night,” Milo said while lifting up a crate of eggs and a small box with bread. “So how much did you want?” “I’ll take a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread,” Nora replied, “Do you have butter too?” Milo replied “Yeah we have a little butter,” Milo went under the counter and grabbed a small block of butter “That’ll be 15.73$” Nora took out the bills and loose change from her pocket, after counting, she didn't have enough for the butter. “You can put back the butter.” Milo, after seeing her count the change, says “I'll cover whatever else you owe” “No it's really okay, I think we have butter somewhere,” Nora said defiantly. Milo replied, holding his ground. “Just take it, it’s 73 cents, and it's not even that much butter. No one will care, or notice it's gone” “Fine, but are you sure it won't be used elsewhere?” Nora questioned “Confident,” Milo said flatly. After hearing that Nora snatched up the butter, eggs, and loaf of bread, and swiftly rushed out of the little store. “Thanks Milo! You’re the best.” Nora half yelled as she ran out. Nora headed home, put up her coat, and set down what she had gotten from the store. Nora sat down next to the dwindling fire on the hearth. She took off the cloth wrap around her hands and made herself a small breakfast while waiting for her parents to get up.

An Evening in the Forest

Nora ran frantically through the forest as the sun slowly hid just beyond the horizon. “Emmett! It's getting dark!” Nora yelled. Nora received only the soft whistle of the wind as a response. With the darkness beginning to envelop the forest it became difficult for Nora to see more than a few feet in front of her. “Emmett!” She called out once more “Please! It's getting dark!” All Nora received was a deafening groan in the quiet forest. She turned around, but there was no source to the noise. Once again she heard another groan behind her, even louder than the last. She ran away from the source as far as her little legs could carry. After running for what felt like years, she tripped. She heard the deafening groan another time behind her, and then again, and then an eruption of deafening groans all behind her, and all seeming very near. In front of her, there was a faint glimmer of magic. “Help!” Nora cried out into the darkness. In a flash, the glimmer of magic disappeared from her view and the groaning ceased. Nora got up and started running again, now she could see the lights of her house. Nora ran into her safe haven with tears streaming down her face, she was finally safe.

Voyage to a New Land

Nora loaded the crate of eggs onto the back of the wagon and looked through her checklist to ensure all of her supplies were in the back of the wagon. “Eggs, check. Butter, check. Bread, check.” Nora muttered under her breath. “Blankets, check, Apples check. Dried meat, check.” “Alright that should be everything I need” Nora thought to herself “Time for goodbyes” Nora walked inside the house and into the dining room. She gave her mother a hug goodbye, and said her goodbye’s to the rest of her friends. “I’ll see you all sooner or later! Stay safe!” Nora said to her fellow farmhands. Nora began walking towards the door to leave. “Wait!” Her friend partially yelled “We all pitched in and made you a sweater out of a fine wool, we were told its one of the materials for miles.” “Thank you so much you didnt have to” Nora said happily. “Well to bad we did” Amy walked forward and presented the neatly folded orange sweater. “Thank you so much, Ill be sure to visit” Nora said while she took the sweater and walked out the door. Nora got up onto the wagon, waved goodbye to her mother and her friends, and set off in search of farm land.