Northern Lighthouse Company

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Northern Lighthouse Company
IndustryInternational trade, brewing
Founded25 June 2021; 2 years ago (2021-06-25)
FoundersGreatLemi, Sheepboi121, megadalon
ProductsGolden mead, red wine, absinthe, coffee, vodka

The Northern Lighthouse Company (NLC) is a state-run manufacturing and shipping company that sprung up from the humble beginnings of the Lighthouse brewery in HighTide. The company specializes in the production and shipment of alcoholic beverages like golden mead, red wine, and absinthe. The Northern Lighthouse Company is the first commercial brewing company in Alathra, as well as being the first to concoct many of Alathra's most famous (and infamous) alcoholic drinks.

The company currently has no shareholders or owner, meaning its financial decisions are entirely negotiated between its workers and government officials in HighTide. Most of the alcohol produced by the company is shipped to the local tavern, Tide's Embrace, as it is a popular destination for traveling merchants and drunkards. The company was originally named Advent Tide, but this was later changed when the headquarters were moved to the Lighthouse Brewery. A while after the effective collapse of the FOA, mega, one of the original founders, rejoined the company, to keep the legacy living on.