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Numeism is a monotheistic religion founded in the country of Ushea on the continent of Prospit.

Numeists believe in a one true creator god named "Nume", Nume is commonly described as being "our creator" and "our protector" aswell as being believed to be an all-loving, omnipotent and omniscient god

Numeist Holy Books

The Numeist texts are comprised of multiple books all given to the prophet Gala_Boom and is the exact truthful word of Nume. The books are ordered in the order they were revealed to the prophet and contain both essential beliefs aswell as stories. Currently, there are two Numeist holy books but more may be revealed in the future.

The 12 Tenets

The first book is the "12 Tenets" and is considered to be the most important Numeist text. The 12 Tenets is solely about the most fundamental beliefs of Numeism and fundamental commandments from Nume that all of mankind should strive to follow. Being the first book, the 12 Tenets was the first book revealed to the prophet and was penned in Nuxe soon after the completion of the prophet's journey to the promised land.

Below is the entirety of the 12 Tenets:

The 12 Tenets of Numeism

1. Nume is the maker of all

2. Nume is the protector of all

3. Nume is omnipotent

4. Nume is all-loving

5. Nume is omniscient

6. Nume is beyond depiction and as such shall not be depicted ever

7. Nume is the only god

8. All animal and plant life is sacred and shall only be killed for a just cause, these are: for consumption, for their products, for sacrifice or in defense of oneself or another

9. Humans are the most important creation of Nume

10. We shall only ever slay another human if it is just, the justifications are: in defense of oneself or another, in a just conflict or as just punishment

11. We shall love others as Nume loves us

12. To become a Numeist you must be baptised in blessed water and then recite the Tenets twice

The Book of Divinya

The original shrine built by Henrod and Adal

The second Numeist holy book is the Book of Divinya which tells the story of the world that existed before our own and how our world came into existence. The Book of Divinya in summary tells the story of the old world of Divinya, which was a Utopian society with all of man living in harmony and Nume actively guiding them all to the best of lives. But, a man named Norin convinced the people into rebelling against Nume and as they battled Nume, Nume gave them on last chance to stop or he would "destroy the earth beneath your feet!" which only two people listened to, putting their weapons down and repenting before Nume. These people were named Henrod and Adal and for their repentance they would be spared from Nume's destruction of Divinya, with all those who rebelled being lost in the void forever except for Norin who rather than get the mercy of death would be banished to live in the void for all eternity. After this Nume built our world for Henrod and Adal to repopulate, but Nume planned to wipe their memory so they would never rebel again and never have to suffer the same fate as before. But before their memory was wiped they built a stone monument to Nume in the mesa in eastern Prospit and still stand to this day and is now one of the holiest sites in the Numeist faith.