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Nycomar, the Owl from the Owlforest
ResidenceEhir (formerly), Redna (formerly), Snowpia (formerly), Hightower
CitizenshipSolar Kingdom of Eldia
Home townthe far realms
TitleOwl from the Owlforest
Political partyUDCF (United Democratic Copium Faction) (formerly)

Nycomar, the Owl of the Owlforest, often called Owl for short, also known under his solar name Riardon is a citizen of the Solar Kingdom of Eldia and a resident of the town of Hightower.


Early life

Nycomar hatched a long time ago in a land very distanced from Alathra. His first years he spent wandering around and searching a good place to live.

Life in West Gaushan

After a certain time, he got to the small town of Ehir in the east of Gaushan. Here, he was invited with opened arms and built himself a little house near the coast of Ehir. Because of him living near to the sea, he travelled around and got friend to the Mayor of Redna and King of Estea, Theodmer. After the miracle of Ehir, the town was disbanded and Nycomar joined the town of Redna. Here, he was the appreantice of the brewer of Redna. In one dark night, he brewed a potion and drank it and because of it, he fell into a coma.

Life in South Gaushan

Because of his coma, he missed the last great war of Estea against the Union of Stahlfaust-Elyria and the dissolution of both Estea and Elyria. Searching a new home, he got to the Arcadian Altanate, more precisely to the town of Winter Hallow. Here, he was welcomed again very kindly. But his body, damaged by the potion, fell into a long coma again.

Life in Eldia

After he woke up, he moved to the city of Snowpia. After the dissolution of Frostport, he moved back to Hightower. There he was welcomed back by the Solar King of Eldia, King Mithras and was baptized by him.