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Depiction of Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk

Commonly referred to as; The Void, The Devourer, The Tyrant of the abyss, the Abyss, the Anti creation. This is a cosmic entity that has existed eons before the creation of Alathra and many extra-dimensional worlds. Many cultures and religions speak of an entity that has the ability to destroy all of creation.

Description and Myths

As far as description of the entity goes it can vary from person to person. Despite this, they all have common similarities to each other.

Ceiltean Druidism and Solaris

A Degradatus from Solaris faith

In Ceiltean Druidism and Solaris faiths, the entity is known as The Devourer. In both faiths, the stories speak of an entity that wishes to consume existence. In Ceiltean Druidism, the Devourer is described as 'a lack of space that consumed vast areas with darkness and emptiness.' In the creation myth of the two religions, the Devourer and Erses fought each other. After a long struggle that nearly ended all of reality, the Devourer was locked away outside existence.

However, like many other religions, both faiths have a destruction myth. In said myth, worship of the Devourer caused a war between the corrupt and the faithful. Until, eventually, a mass sacrifice gave the Devourer enough strength to break though reality. After a long war between creation and destruction, the Devourer was defeated and reality was reborn.


Similarly, in Olgardian faith, the entity also appears. It is called The Tyrant of the abyss and is described as 'A god shaped hole in reality.' Mentions of the entity are rare and few, however in the few mentions of the Tyrant of the abyss it is said that the gods locked it away in a prison of nothingness. In another tale, the Tyrant of the abyss escaped and brought down the 'Pink dawn', an apocalyptic event where reality is said to 'fall apart and crash down and Nelsifar will be created.'

Despite these similarities, Olgardian myth doesn't speak about how the Tyrant of the abyss came to be.

Artistic depiction of the Tyrant of the Abyss

Codex Abyssus

Other mentions of such an entity can be found in the Codex Abyssus. The book speaks of an entity that wishes to end the world. Due to the little evidence available on the text, it is difficult to determine what exactly is in the tome. However it does speak of practices preformed by the 'Order of the Abyss'.

In the book, the Abyss is described as all things material and immaterial. It also can be deduced that the Abyss has no form. It also states the Abyss has no home and exists beyond space and time. It should be mentioned that the book refers to a 'true dawn' during the end of times.

- See Addendum 1


Overall, the similarities between all the cultures is strange. And mentions of the entity goes as far back as known civilisation.

Voidic chaos.jpg

We can deduce several facts about the entity.

1. It has no form.

In all mentions of the entity it has been described as having no physical form. The closest to an actual description is 'a god shaped hole in reality'

2. It existed before creation.

Several of the legends and tales speak of the entity as existing before existence. This can mean that the entity is of a primal nature.

- See Addendum 2

3. It has a following

In several of the mentions of the entity, it is described as having a following. While there is currently no physical evidence so far it can be presumed that such a following exists. It can be also presumed that the entity may be able to influence people.

- See Addendum 3 & 4

4. The entity will end the world

In all accounts of the entity it is said that it will end the world and a new world will be created. There have also been mentions of a 'dawn' occuring before this happens.

5. It is trapped

Many of the stories speak of the entity being trapped in some existence outside reality. This logically makes sense as it means it doesn't have any power.

Painting of the end of reality

Overall, the entity poses a great threat to Alathra and should be delt with in some way. However further research is needed.


Addendum 1

In Rulfisethiemian stories, Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk is the given name to the entity. It roughly translates to 'The Anti-creation'. It is said to be an ancient entity that existed for eons. It is described as "an absence of anything, Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk is a hateful creature that wishes to end all reality. It is in a constant state of suffering and can only be free from it when all existence is gone."

Addendum 2

According to the Primordial accounts, the entity didn't exist before all existence, but was rather created by accident. It was once a normal creature that fell victim to an accident which caused its entire world to be destroyed. During an attempt to flee, it lost its body and became the entity it is today.

Addendum 3

In the past, people have been manipulated and even controlled by an unknown entity, presumed to be the void. The known people effected are, Remora, Kangy, Eun, and others. Following of a similar voidic entity has also occurred. In the past, Symzo followed an entity known as Hadal. No known relation between the god and the entity have been made thus far.

Addendum 4
"It is somewhat believed that many villains of Alathra are directly or indirectly influenced by the entity. The entity may have far more influence on our world than we care to believe and admit."
The infinite void