Ociel, the Broken

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Ociel, known by many as "Broken", is a Centurion of unknown age and is believed to be the original protector of Durocortorum Remorum.

Known forRebuilding Durocortorum Remorum
Height193 cm (6 ft 4 in)



Its origin is unknown, and its inability to communicate in any modern tongue only further restricts what is known about it. The first and only recorded instance of Ociel being mentioned is within scripts found beneath the new city Durocortorum Remorum. A metallic being is depicted as falling from the skies one day and protecting the ancient settlers of that region. If the being is Ociel, then their current state betrays the legends. The current state of their being truly shows wear and tear, and it is feared that combat could only make things worse.


When close, Ociel may have an imposing figure; however, upon closer inspection, much of their metallic figure is tinged with cracks and rust. A small symbol has been etched into the shoulder of the being. However, it has both worn with time and is in an unreadable language. The 'face' of the entity has many pieces of metal that seem to click and glow randomly; the glowing occurs mostly behind the metal but often alights the 3 horns that protrude from the top of its head. The rest of its body consists of many metal plates that are interconnected while also shifting and moving around. Smooth round pieces exist on the points where a normal person's joints would be; however, these are covered when the 'arms' or 'legs' are at full extension. The pieces of metal also seem to have been cut extremely well; however, the quality of the metal has deteriorated.


It is unknown whether Ociel is sentient or has the ability to feel. Its method of both interaction and production is very mechanical. Thus, it is possible that they may be an actor for some greater divine order. The truth of this belief is unknown, though. What is known is that it has used its mechanical prowess to begin the reconstruction of that ancient settlement they protected long ago. An example of this mechanical prowess is shown when it begins mining. When it is mining, its body emits a dull glow, and magic users in the area will feel a temporary spike in magical presence as its arm shifts into the shape of a pick-axe. It will then use this pick-axe to mine until the arm is nigh-unusable before gathering its mined materials and disappearing with them. It will reappear the next day with its arm in the same state it was before the mining. The repair method is unknown, and it seems unwilling to share it.

Ociel seems capable of complex analysis through drawings, arithmetic, and logic. Ociel can also scan books, ruins, and ancient texts from under their construction. Ociel also requires no breaks beyond those necessary for whatever ritual it does to fix itself and seems incapable of exhaustion or tiring. It has never been seen sleeping or eating beyond smashing baked potatoes into its face. When people attempt to converse with Ociel, it doesn't react or stop what it is doing, mindlessly pursuing its current task. It has never been seen using magic beyond the kind it seems to produce internally; speculation leads a few to believe that it is incapable of using magic or that all magic it can use is necessary for maintaining its functions.



Ociel is allied to Imphiel and Praetara because of a life debt after Imphiel brought it out of its slumber and repaired them to functional capabilities. Ever since this moment, Ociel has seemingly listened to those who are closely connected to Imphiel, such as Ursus. It is unknown when exactly Imphiel brought back Ociel to its current state; however, it cannot have been long ago.


  • Ociel is unable to speak in any common tongue.
  • Ociel's torso and head glow orange before any intense maneuvers.
  • Ociel smashes baked potatoes against its head.
  • Ociel is capable of scanning any form of text