Olarian Peninsula

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Old Damaged Map over the Olarian Peninsula

The Olarian Peninsula (Isviking: Halvön) is a large peninsula in Northeastern Prospit. The peninsula extents towards the north east, jutting out into the Sea of Scars. The peninsula covers approximately 5,120 blocks squared. The north is generally dominated by large dark forests and features cold tundras, snowy mountains, volcanic activity, while the south is dominated by grassy plains but also has warm beaches, lagoons, swamps. The Olarian Peninsula is cut through by two major rivers, ending in the Roldafjord east of Isvik.

The origin of the word Olaria is unknown and debated, but was used by archivists of Archivia.

Cultural geography

The Olarian Peninsula has long been inhabited, evidenced by the presence of deep mining shafts under Isvik, and a landscape dotted by ancient ruins as well as a desolated village. The most prominent of these features is the Garden of Eden, an ancient, sanctuary that has provided centuries of travellers and adventures with food and safety.

Most of the current inhabitants however are descendant from waves of migration to Prospit, and currently the peninsula is home to the towns of Archivia, Isvik, Port-au-Nixe, Zusammenflussberg and a handful of farms, camps and outposts.