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Olgard is a world found outside Alathra. It is the home realm and birthplace of Isenhiem and where Hellsna came from. The dimension is impossible to enter without divine permission. The world consists of a single, large continent that is suspended in a sky. Below it is an endless ocean with no known depth or end.

The continent is split into five parts. Each part is a separate kingdom with the fifth ruling the others. These Kingdoms are:

  • The Kingdom of the Northern Winter
  • The Kingdom of the Eastern Spring
  • The Kingdom of the Southern Summer
  • The Kingdom of the Western Autumn
  • The Kingdom of the Central World

The Kingdoms

Each segment of Olgard is ruled by some sort of ruler that are all under the rule of a singular person. This person would then answer to the pantheon of gods who rule the entire world.

The Kingdom of the Northern Winter

The Kingdom of the Northern Winter is the mining and woodcutting area in which stone, minerals and lumber are all collected. The Kingdom is in a constant state of Winter with weekly snowfall occurring. The Kingdom is also the most dangerous as the mines lead to a vast network of caves with hives in them. The people of the Kingdom are considered the most hardened of Olgard.

The ruler of the Kingdom is the Northern Queen. She has been described as a strong and powerful leader who should not be reckoned with or the wrath of ice and snow. She once had a daughter known as the Princess of Holly but she was killed by Isenhiem in a deal.

Despite being the ruler of the cold north, Elseir favours her and gives her his protection.

The Kingdom of the Eastern Spring

The Kingdom of the Eastern Spring is the most fruitful and priorities crops and harvest. They are the main producers of food and help feed the whole realm. The people mainly consist of farmers, cattle herders, and shepherds.

The Kingdom mainly experiences sunshine but rain and snowfall are common.

Much of the land is used for agricultural and grazing land and so it has little in terms of architecture. The people of the Kingdom are considered some of the most hard working, next to those of the Northern Kingdom.

The ruler of the Kingdom is the Spring King. Often considered the master farmer he does all the collecting and growth of rare and valuable foods. He is seen to be the most peaceful and close to the people king of person in the entire realm. He has no known heir or children.

The Kingdom of the Southern Summer

The Kingdom of the Southern Summer is considered the entertainment capital. All the music, literature, poems and plays and done in this Kingdom. They focus on celebrating every day and live a life of joy. The Kingdom is seen to be the most colourful and happy out of all.

The Kingdom is in a constant state of sunshine and warmth. Despite this it never experience drought or heatwaves.

Most of the land is used for building and parks so barren land is little and far between. The architecture of the Kingdom is diverse but never clashes, always flowing from one style to another. Most of the buildings are used for shops and restaurants with houses dotted between. The roads are wide to allow for large displays to pass through and celebrations take place every day in different areas. The people of the Kingdom are always in a state of bliss.

The ruler of the Kingdom is the Southern Queen. She is known for hosting the most grand of parties in the realm and will always show a smile to her people. She has two children, the Prince oak and the Princess willow.

The Kingdom of the Western Autumn

The Kingdom of the Western Autumn of the most educated and knowledgeable of the realm. They focus on research, study, philosophy, science, and magic. They host a large number of libraries and schools and hold the entire history of the realm. They also hold documents on every plant and animal as well as all the forms of magic and sub categories of magic.

The Kingdom is in a constant state of Autumn and despite the continent falling of leaves, the trees seem to never run out. The Kingdom is prone to rain, snow and wind.

The ruler of the Kingdom is the Western king. He hides himself away and keeps to his books so not much is known about him. He has a son called Prince maple.

The Kingdom of the Central World

The Kingdom of the Central World is at the heart of the realm. It houses all nobles and elders of the realm. They are the commanding force of the world. Unlike the other Kingdoms, the Kingdom of the Central World has an annual change in weather that corresponds to the other Kingdoms (seasons).

The Kingdom was home to King Isenhiem, first of his name. However, after his sin he was cast out. This left a large power vacuum.

The king would normally answer the gods and their demands. These demands would be passed down to the other rulers and then the people.

The Mythology

Olgard hosts a wide range of stories and myths. From the creation of the universe to the end of reality.

Position in the universe

while the people of Olgard don't think themselves as the centre of the universe, they do see themselves as the front line against the tyrants and other evils.

Mortality and self

The people of Olgard are said to live for 200-300 years. Despite looking human they class themselves as a separate sub species. Unlike humans, "Olgardians" are more attuned to the Other and Arcane powers. They also can't get cold.

Royalty and Elders are different to the normal people of Olgard. Those of royal blood can live upto 500 years and can perform stronger types of magic than what others can. Elders on the other hand can live upto 700 years+ with the oldest of the elders being of unknown age. They are the most attuned to the worlds of magic and have even been rumored to change reality.The people of Olgard view life simply, they are born, they live the best they can and then they die. It is rare for an Olgardian to fear death as they welcome it due to their long life. Oddly enough they don't believe in the afterlife.

In addition to this, Olgardians can't be resurrected with normal means and magic that controls death, such as necromancy, can not affect them.


While nothing can pass the barrier the only acceptance is the gods and the Dragons. While Dragons are uncommon, they are very welcome to Olgard. When one arrives to the realm a mass celebration is held for them in their honor. The celebration lasts as long as the dragon and they are given gifts of gold and gems. Because of this, Olgard was becoming a frequent stopping place for Dragons and the overall dragon population seemed happier.

The gods

Olgard has a large collection of gods that a split into two types, the Saints and the Tyrants. The Saints are seen as the good gods that are worshipped, however, the Tyrants are the evil gods and it's forbidden to even say their name.

Saint of fire

Elseir is the god of fire, light and warmth. He is the brother to Hellsna but ignores her existence. He is the most worshipped God out of them all.

Saint of the dark

Hellsna is the Goddess of coldness, shadows and darkness. She is the least worshipped of the gods. Her abilities are, shape-shifting, teleportation, illusion, and seeing all shadows. However she can only see shadows in front of her, move very short distances, shape-shift badly and is unable to make illusions. She is a trickster goddess however she is very unhappy with her position. She is jealous of other. She can also make pies.

-Mouldy Pie

It's a mouldy pie


Is it a Pie?

-Crammed-berry pie

If you eat it, it explodes with jam everywhere.

-Plump-king Pie

If you eat it you become bloated and will feel uncomfortable in the abdominal area. You will also become extremely gassy.

-Blueberry pie

Turns you blue and makes you sad.

-Cara-smell pie

Makes you smell bad.

-Tooth-ffe pie

Glues your mouth shut and the sugar causes tooth decay.

-Appealing pie

Looks like a normal apple pie inside and out but when you eat it, it is full of bugs.

-Mud pie

It's a mud pie, you fucking idiot.

-Cott-cheese Pie

Makes everything taste and smell like cheese.

-Sheph-ahhhds pie

You can no longer talk but instead make sheep sounds.

All effects of the pies can last from a day to a year.

Saint of the celestial

Shia is the Goddess of the sun, stars and moon. She guides the day and night and shines the light of all stars onto the land. It has also been seen that she has minor influence over the moon, stars and sun in Alathra is the most loved of the gods.

Saint of the lands

Errahien is the god/goddess of earth, life flora and fauna. She is the most relied of the gods. He has knowledge of all life and keeps it in balance. Along with this, they are related to the Tyrant of Flesh as they are both life gods and share the same abilities. However, Errahien chooses a more in the line of natural order.

Saint of the oceans

Herclos is the god of water, sea, influence and travel. He is the most respected despite the lack of large bodies of water in Olgaurd. Though, it is said he has influence over the endless sea below the island.

Saint of the sky

Arcchion is the god of the air, sky, weather and change. They are the most demanded of the gods. Due to the fact that Olguard is a sky continent, the powers of Arcchion is wanted.

Saint of Death

Xr'othlac is the god of death, afterlife, reincarnation and belief. He is the most ignored of the gods. Despite him being the god of death, nobody fears him as the people understand death as it's apart of nature. He is also brother to the Tyrant of time and often keeps to himself.

Saint of the arcane

Loch suralch is the god of magic. He is the most supreme of the gods and is the ruler god. He was one of the original gods and existed before most of the others.

Tyrant of time

The god of time, beginning and ends is the most free of the gods. He is eternal and has what he wants. He is the brother to the Saint of Death and was one of the original gods.

Tyrant of blood

The Goddess of war, chaos and conflict. She wants bloodshed in the world. Her influence reaches to the other worlds and is said to speak with other gods of war. She is wrath.

Tyrant of sin

The Goddess of crime, anarchy and trickery. She wants all rules to be broken. She is greed.

Tyrant of flesh

The god of blood, flesh, bone and instinct. He wants the world to be flesh, the seas to be blood, the sky to be red, the stars to watch the void. It's said that he once fell in love and had a child. He is the brother to Errahien and shares the same abilities as him, however he chooses to be far more chaotic and breaks natural order. He is chaos.

Tyrant of decay

The god of rot, withering and hate. He only wants the universe to rot and fall apart. He is death.

Tyrant of illness

The god of illness, pestilence and vermin. He wants disease to rule the lands. He is much like the Tyrant of Flesh and Errahien as he is able to create life. However he choses to create places and diseases. He is pestilence.

Tyrant of suffering

The god of pain, torture and misery. He wants only pain to be felt and cuts to be deep. He is pain.

Tyrant of the abyss

The god of nothingness, void, inexistence and madness. He wants to bring the end of reality. Bring the nothing to the something. To destroy all worlds. The true eldritch god. You don't need sanity. Your mind is at the brink of madness. Insanity is the only path. Fall from grace to his prison. Wound the world and remove the bars. The chains will break. And at the end of it all, only a god shaped hole will stand as everything crumbles down. He is the end, the dawn of the awakening, null and void. He is the void and now he speaks.


The realm of Olgard contains a large selection of stories, legends and myths. Some outline the birth of gods and the creation of the universe, while others tell of stories from other worlds. Most notable of all the stories is how the universe will end, The pink dawn.

- As the moons settle behind close clouds, stars fall asleep in gentle calm. The awakening of the hounds will be the sign of the last sunrise, of when night sky's turn green and bright lights become pink. And as the guise of reality falls, and nature pleads "Oh mercy, oh mercy" He will stand before all. The strings and twine shall be unwoven, and he will ignore the screams and cries of mortal men. A god shaped hole in our world breaks the coil. Only then will the havens come crashing down to the worlds below and the rubble remain. Thus, through destruction will Nelsifar come into light.

Stories also tell of a mirror world to Olgard call Rulfisethiem. Unlike the benevolent and beautiful world of Olgard, Rulfisethiem is a hell scape full of confusion and torture. The realm is described as;

- Where the worlds of dreams and existence meet. A place where doors lead to the wrong room and stairs lead to the wrong floor. A place where up is left and down is forward till the point where the ceiling is on your right. A place full of the primal constructs of society; torture, pain and suffering.

The realm of Rulfisethiem is said to be a prison for those who broke the laws of nature and those who had sinned. This is vague in its description but nothing of the realm makes sense.

The realm itself is inhabited by creatures often call "Lurkers" or "Minions". The power and ability they possess is unknown as not much else is known from the realm apart from crazed accounts of mad men. However it is said that the realm has a warden known as the "Lady of shadows", often thought to be Hellsna but is yet to be confirmed.

The First hand of the First Father

Olgard is ruled by the gods and figure heads of its Kingdoms so there are little in terms of organisations. However one does exist called the "First hand of the First Father". This cult use to worship the Tyrant of Flesh and dedicated their entire life to freeing the said God. The cults leader was the son of the god of Flesh called Ra'thra, a demi-god. However the cult was soon eliminated and Ra'thra killed.


Olgard's culture is strange as it is made up of five subcultures from the five Kingdoms. However it can be generalised to say that the people of Olgard enjoy celebrating every day and even more so when a dragon comes to rest. However, when it comes to health they have little concern for it. Due to the near lack of illness, medicine is not used at all. Because of this, when a person becomes ill they are unable and even unwilling to help. The belief is that death has to come for everyone in the end and everything must have an end. So when someone shows signs of death they have to let it play out and not disturb the natural order.

Despite the long life of an Olgardian, they will only have 1 or 2 children in their lifetime. The traditional sexual desires of more normal creatures do not affect them. It is even rumored that lust simply cannot exist within the people of Olgard.

Religion is simple in Olgard as they follow a pantheon of 16 gods, 8 good gods or Saints and 8 dark gods called Tyrants. The worship of Tyrants is forbidden and one can't even say or write the name of one under the threat of punishment. That ability is left only to those with higher knowledge. The most common worshipped God is Elseir, God of fire and light and brother to Hellsna. Because of this most themes of Olgard are around fire and light so it is greatly incorporated in literature, music and architecture.

Due to the general peaceful nature of Olgardians, crime is near nonexistent with the most common being petty theft which would only occur an average one per 5 years.

Current events

Ever since the murder of the Princess Holly, Olgard has been at war with itself. This has caused some Olgardians to flee from the realm and driven all Dragons away. It is unknown who is winning or when things will end but this brings the risk of the defence against the Tyrants and other such entites infiltrating other realms and worlds.

Current characters from Olgard

A list of all characters that are from or related to Olgard and its lore.

  • Isenhiem - Dead
  • Hellsna - Dead
  • Ra'thra