Pact of the Immortal Blood

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Pib HQ


The Pact of the Immortal Blood a.k.a. P.I.B. is located on the South West Continent North of WinterHallow.

Pact Members:

  • VonDaConMon - Archon and Leader
  • EpicMasterVic - Second in Command
Vic and Von with their strange protégé
Little is know about P.I.B. and it's mysterious members...
A powerful crystal being studied in P.I.B.'s Laboratory
  • P.I.B.'s live specimen of mysterious bees that have an unusual habitat...
  • The Pact’s infamous mysterious subject, titled Operation: GOLIATH


Little is known about the Pact, however they appear to be hired assassins for a hefty price.

Notable assassinations