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Entrepreneur, General, President, Father. These are all Quality's of the late Pandamaster. Backstory: PandaMaster was born as a Normal panda in the Jungle south of Nevadia. He wandered out of the Jungle into the Mesa and up a hill into the town of Sunspot Where a priest casted many spells on him. One day the priest casted growth on Panda and he gained consciousness he soon ran away from the priest to the continent of koganon to the city of Iceburg where he met his friends Piggysharkx and Alphaspade. 26 years later he started to have flashbacks to his birthplace. On Prospit he built a small shack at the base of the hill and started a town from there. Events that Pandamaster was apart of: Gunfight at New Reno Petroselinium Conflict Usa vs aqeundavia Usa war of independance Usnet Vs Chickenprism Stahlfaust vs Elyria The Death: A few weeks after fighting Elyria for the final time he layed in his tower for the final time and had a Heart attack in his sleep at the age of 133 years old. him dying had a huge affect on the town of New Reno as Pandamasters magic was keeping the New Reno freedom tower and the other building in the city the whole city collapsed.