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Fort Pangolias
Military Base
Pangolias Coat of Arms

Coat of arms
Founded byLars Haltu
 • Project LeadersRim Silverwake (NuclearDonut47)

Nexx Goldenfin (Nexier)

Light Goldenshore (superhero1000)

Pangolias, or it is now known as Fort Pangolias, is a military base for the Chiefdom of Idrolia. It was orignally founded as a rural farming town north of Piscis and Axolia, by Mayor Lars Haltu, but was annexed by Idrolia later. The town by then had gone quiet and all attempts to keep it alive by Idrolia failed. The town fell into ruin before being repurposed into a military base.



The town of Pangolias was settled for its close proximity to the ocean and tropical environment.


A clan of warriors led by Lars Haltu known as the Pangolias collective moved to the site that was to be Pangolias and upon reaching their destination began to construct their first building a small beach hut. Later the town grew into a larger rural farming town.

For most of the town's history it was a part of Republica, which eventually turned into the Aurinian Imperium. After the Aurinian Imperium's collapse the town became independent for a brief period of time, but that was soon ended after Lars Haltu assulted the Chief of Idrolia and the town was invaded and incorporated into the territory of Idrolia, and Haltu was executed. A new mayor would be instilled by the name of Grad.


Mayor Grad did not provide upkeep for the town, and all other citizens had gone quiet. Eventually the town fell into ruin and sat like that during the Bronzefin Era of Idrolia. During chief Rim Silverwake's expansion of the military it was decided that the ruins of Pangolias would be repurposed into a military site.


Pangolias gets its name from 2 words: word 1 is Pengoose which is where the Ṕẵng- part of the name comes from and word 2 is the word metropolis meaning large city. When fully translated the name means Large city of many birds or "Pengoose City".


Flora and Fauna


  • Elephants
  • Turtles
  • Sharks


The terrain is a thick jungle with a somewhat hilly landscape along with a nice beach along the shoreline.


Lars Haltu VS. Idrolia

Following the collapse of the Aurinian Imperium, Lars Haltu met with the Chief of Idrolia, Nox Aquasong in Axolia. Lars criticized Aquasong for not aiding Pangolias during the collapse of Aurinia, but Aquasong refused to hear him out. Both men were angry, Lars then swung at Aquasong and punched him in the cheek. Haltu then scurried out of the room and a conflict started in the streets of Axolia between soldiers who came along with Lars Haltu and the Axolia town guard. 2 men from Pangolias and 1 man in the Axolian town guard were killed in the scurry. Lars and his men then retreated back to Pangolias and prepared for Idrolia's arrival. Nox and members of the Axolia town guard got on Aquasong's personal ship and sailed to Solevant Soros where they would pick up Cyrex Blightreef and attack Pangolias. The men arrived at the town and demanded that Haltu open the gates, who did so realizing there was nothing he could do to escape Idrolia's might. The men killed Lars Haltu and incorporated Pangolias into the nation, and instated a new mayor by the name of Grad.