Pater Carnis Arc

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The Pater Carnis Arc is an ongoing story involving lots of the major characters in Alathra. It is called the Pater Carnis Arc due to it centrally focusing on the Temple of Pater Carnis and Ra'thra.


Before we start this delve into the story we must first look at some context. As several storylines are involved we must look at them.

Isenhiem Arc

Before Ra'thra was played by GrimTheRedWolf he played a character called Isenhiem. The Isenhiem Arc started when he was brought back to life when he killed himself. However this causes Ra'thra's soul to follow him and hid for sometime until showing himself. (More detail can be seen on both character pages.)


TheDominion was a character event that causes some interesting things to happen. However it ended when Theodmer killed TheDominion. However the effects of this character are still in place and are used in joint with Sparkus in the Arc.

The Void Arc

The Void Arc is an ongoing story involving the experiments of Kangy. Most notably when he opens a hole in bedrock and strange things started to occur. Both he and Syzmo play a role in the story.


Lydoneia plays a major role as it seems most of the stories conflict occurs in that nation, especially in Haven.


During a possession period, Ra'thra cursed Theodmer with the Cure of Night. This would later become a vital part of the story.

The beginning

The Pater Carnis Arc started when Isenhiem returned to Nowhere and hid away for sometime before being fully possessed by Ra'thra. Eventually he started to build the main temple and started to recruit members. He eventually got a quick following and soon left Nowhere for the Temple of Pater Carnis. By this point Theodmer had died and Aurelius had been cursed with the Cure of the Impure.

Ra'thra would eventually gain a following of people and had built the entire temple by himself.

The deal with Sparkus

After finding out Sparkus' relation with TheDominion he saught him out. Eventually he found Sparkus and they talked a bit about TheDominion and what had occurred to Sparkus. Sparkus would go onto showing Ra'thra his work and Ra'thra was interested. He eventually made a deal with him to help build something. Ever since then a strange structure is being constructed on an island.

The deal with Jotunstan

Ra'thra had also heard of strange occurings with Kangy and Syzmo. He arrived at Jotunstan and was able to meet with them. He filled them in on what he knew about the void and then they did the same, both sides having similar theories and stories. They then decide to look at the Codex Abyssus for more information.

The second encounter at Haven

The first part of the story ends at Haven as Ra'thra, for some unknown reason at the time, went to Haven. He was noticed by some people as he seemed to be spying on Aurelius and others. Eventually they had a small stand off but something went wrong and caused Isenhiem to temporarily take back control. This allowed the people of Haven to take a quick look at him. Isenhiem was able to fill them in on some information about how to break the curse and why Ra'thra was cursing people. However, Isenhiem tells Aurelius not to break the curse but Aurelius ignores the warning. As a final attempt to stop Ra'thra Isenhiem used his flaming sword and stabbed himself. This failed in its purpose ad it caused Isenhiem to die but allowed Ra'thra full control over Isenhiem's body. Ra'thra then quickly escaped.

The middle

After Ra'thra escaped Haven and became stronger due to it he started to gather more followers. It was at this point several powers noticed his actions but did nothing to stop them.

The meeting with Ruby

Ra'thra returned to Haven hidden and saw Fluffy and Ruby talking to each other. He introduced himself to Ruby while scaring Fluffy. Fluffy then left to do what Fluffy does and left Ra'thra and Ruby together. Ra'thra was interested in recruiting Ruby and showed her his power. Ruby said she would consider it and they both left.

The death of Hellsna

Hellsna had arrived at the Temple of Pater Carnis try and stop Ra'thra. However this resulted in Ra'thra killing the goddess with the dagger of promises and extracting the first of six items, A vile of pure darkness.

The Codex Abyssus

As following through with the plan, Ra'thra met up with Glider in Arcadia and asked to see the Codex Abyssus. He obliged and showed him the book. Ra'thra read the book and got useful insight into the nature of the void. Glider then questioned him on why he wanted to see it, but Ra'thra said it wasn't any of his business. To this, Glider started to push Ra'thra on what he was planning. Ra'thra left him with a warning of the future.

The deal with Runeheart

With wanting to keep everything in motion, Ra'thra visited the Library to try and find the contract demon, Runeheart. He had heard faint rumours of the connection between the two and decided to find out himself, however when meeting with Angela she told him to leave and not seek out the demon. So, wanting to make a deal, Ra'thra sent out a message to Runeheart using magic and a deformed bird. After some time the message was received by the demon who was interested in making a deal. She then sent a message to Angela saying what she wanted her to do. A messenger arrived at the Library from The temple of Pater Carnis and made negotiations with Angela. Eventually the deal was made and they both returned to normal work.

Silvia vs Pater Carnis

During the deal, slight tensions had arisen. The Temple that Ra'thra built was on Silvian holy ground and Tar didn't like this. After some messages back and forth, the Silvians declared war on the Temple. However this caused the FCA to be in a bad light of the world and was arguably a catalyst to the hate towards the FCA. A day before the fight, Ra'thra went to go find something and left Orthigo in charge. Under the leadership of Orthigo, the temple attempted to fight back but were ultimately slaughtered. After this defeat Ra'thra returned. He knew that they didn't stand a chance of winning but stated; "They couldn't win anyway. The land they fought for was no longer holy." After this the temple began to repair and finish building. Eventually the main parts of the temple were finished and work on lower sections began.

The growth

The area around the temple stated to change as plant life began to die and be replaced with flesh. The Temple joined Invictus and made the Temple of Pater Carnis its main religion. Several new people joined the religion and churches were being built all over the world.

A message from Runeheart

After some time of waiting, Angela arrived at the Temple with a message for Ra'thra. It stated that she made a deal with Arctan with the Curse of Seeing. However, she also told him what she was going to do with the curse of Gold. After receiving the message, Ra'thra and Angela spoke a bit. Soon Angela left leaving Ra'thra on his own.

The project

Ra'thra had now set his sights on two other items he needed. The first was condensed starlight and the second was a device capable of making ideas. The latter was tasked to Specz Arcane. With this he went to meet with Specz who agreed to making the device. Ra'thra left him with some blueprints and Specz got to work.

The beginning of the end

After meeting with Specz, Ra'thra returned to Haven to finally retrieve the thing he wanted. However he encountered Aurelius on his way. Aurelius stood in his way and questioned Ra'thra. Eventually things escalated and Aurelius attacked Ra'thra. At first it seemed Aurelius was going to win but Ra'thra summoned two flesh tendrils and attacked Aurelius. Aurelius, unable to handle the two tendrils, wad easily beaten. However Ra'thra didn't want to kill Aurelius, instead he taunted him. This caused Aurelius to attack again only to be floored again. Seeing Aurelius in this state, Ra'thra started to taunt Aurelius and go into a monologue. However this caused Ra'thra to be distracted and hit in the head by a shovel and knocked out by Bakki who was approaching him from behind. Llull also came and helped the two take Ra'thra into Haven. It was then Aurelius revealed part of what effected him, the curse of the Impure. After going into Haven, a storm arrived. They all waited for Lucius to arrive.

After some time, Ra'thra was taken to Lucius for him to perform experiments. However the storm was raging on and started to destroy parts of the city. Eventually Specz and Remora arrived to help and Specz theorised that the storm was the product of two Arcane energies pulling at each other. Lucius soon came to them telling them that Ra'thra was getting stronger and had escaped. They went off looking for Ra'thra and found him in the tomb of Theodmer, which was opened by a lighting strike. He revealed the fact that he had only half of the curse of Night and Theodmer had the other half. Ra'thra revealed that his plan was to receive the other half of the curse from Theodmer's body, which he did successfully. In an attempt to stop Ra'thra from leaving Bakki charged at him and attempted to knock him out again. However Ra'thra blocked the attack and broke an arm. He was suddenly stopped by Remora and Specz who entered his mind and played his deepest trumas.

During this it was revealed that Remora resembles Ra'thra's mother and that she was burned alive for loving the Tyrant of Flesh. Ra'thra was next to be publicly executed but his father, The Tyrant of Flesh, stopped it from happening and aided Ra'thra in finding a way to free himself from his prison. However Ra'thra had faced issues with the small following and felt insecure about himself. Eventually he was hunted down and killed by an Olgardian Paladin. His soul was sent to Rulfisethiem and he faced torment and torture. This caused him to flee his own body, during which he advanced Aurelius' condition. They were left with the decayed corpse of Isenhiem. But it soon began to change into a monster, later revealed to be Isenhiem himself under the influence of the curse of Night. Bakki charged at the monster and caused it to react, eventually slamming Bakki into the ground gace first multiple times. The others decided to flee into the deeper parts of Haven where a mass of flesh, from the flesh seeds Ra'thra planted, was forcibly contained. After a fight, where Specz's ego was diminished by a unique ability from the monster and Bakki being buried into a wall, the monster decided to go after Llull's pet fox, Ari, and attempted to eat it. A mysterious connection occurred between Remora and Aurelius and the Cure of the Impure was temporarily nullified. Aurelius charged at the monster and freed Ari from it. He slammed his axe into its head and Specz managed to open a portal to a void. The monster was cast into it and they all managed to extract the four curses from everyone and store them into marbles.

The end

The return

After Ra'thra returned to the temple and inhabited a new body, he found out that everyone heard about the events in Haven. He also found out that everyone thought he was dead. Using this to his advantage he told everyone to keep the fact he was still around a secret.

Second deal

Ra'thra found out that all of the curses had been contained in some way, unaware in what, he realised he had to rewrite the deal with Devox as he guessed Devox had lost his newfound greed. He wrote a letter discussing what he planned to do for him and what had to be done in return. He sent the letter to Angela who asked something in return.

The breaking point

Realising that the lie Ra'thra built would never be fixed he decided to put all focus on the plan. He ordered Orthigo to do what Angela wants and sent Zarules to Haven in hopes of finding the curses. It was unknown if Orthigo was successful but Zarules returned to the temple without the curses. Zarules expected Ra'thra is be furious but Ra'thra was fine, though he did blow a guy up.

The second Crusade

Ra'thra had travelled to Melevorgrad, now Solar Pyrrhus, and saw Melevor. Ra'thra and Melevor had met before on good terms but Melevor was unaware of Ra'thra's evil. This meant that when Ra'thra and Melevor met, Melevor threatened Ra'thra to leave. Two of Melevor's guards arrived and were ready to attack. In return to the threats Ra'thra threw elk meat onto the ground and left. Melevor was outraged and several days latter declared war on the temple. This caused what would be known as the second crusade. It was during this time that many of the clergy at the temple reached out for help as they were tricked and trapped at the temple. This caused a debate on whether attacking the temple was a good idea or not. So, despite their hate for Ra'thra, several joined on the side of the temple to help defend the clergy. Ra'thra also attempted to hire Twyst as a mercenary but he refused, that was until several people joined the side of Solaris in which he decided to help the temple. This caused the Solaris people to hide in bunkers. This didn't last long as once Twyst was satisfied with the outcome he left along with all the other mercenaries leaving Ra'thra and a Shroomian to defend.

As the Solaris people advanced, with help from the Silvians, Ra'thra decorated the temple with deer and elk bodies. Many of the clergy didn't help in the defence and for some unknown reason Ra'thra sent loyalists away, lead by Orthigo. An unknown assistant helped Ra'thra gain gear for the defence.

When the battle was ready to start the temple was closed off. This worked well as it gave an advantage. The two defenders hid in the bottom chamber and waited for an attack, however the attackers never entered, unlike what happened last time. It was slow at first and nothing happened. Tar did try to attack Ra'thra through the unfinished section but nothing came of it. However things took a turn as the Shroomling exited the building to attack. This resulted in the Shroomling being overwhelmed and leaving the door open. The first attacker to enter was tar. Ra'thra loaded a cross bow and fired at him. At the same time tar hit. This caused an incident.

[Sever crash]

After the first attackers entered Ra'thra retreated into the lower parts and defended. He was able to hold up for awhile but soon became overwhelmed himself. With this he retreated and the temple was taken.

Melevor suffered fatal injuries and soon died.

The final battle

With the temple now taken Ra'thra had no choice but to retreat. He soon encountered a camp of paladins under the order of Aglarian Aran'Lúnarya. Along with him was Admiral C. Vernesteen, Syzmo the Redeemed, and Xolis Metalarm. A fight soon broke out between them. Ra'thra pulled out all his card and summoned hordes of flesh abominations to help attack. One after the other, the 'heros' were attacked by these creatures and Ra'thra, seeing that he is heavily outnumbered, decided to retreat. However he was easily tracked down and soon had no choice but to face off. By this point the other had taken major injuries and Xolis had retreated away due to fatal injuries. Syzmo was knocked out and had a visit from J who gave him help. Aglarian and Vernesteen were fighting Ra'thra, however Veernesteen soon retreated as he was completely worn out. This left Aglarian and Ra'thra fighting, but by this point Ra'thra was extremely weak. When Syzmo returned to his senses a rift opened up behind Ra'thra and the Incarnation of Night stepped through, beating Ra'thra up badly. By the end of it Ra'thra was extremely weak and unable to fight. Aglarian finished him off with a final blow with his sword and Ra'thra died, for good.


The Loyalist

Orthigo and the loyalists where last seen on a ship heading for Egregan. It's likely that Sparkus is still involved somehow. It's also unknown about the status of Runeheart's deal.


Zarules ran away from the temple during the second crusade. He took several magical books and items with him and on his way out discovered a sunken city under the temple. He also took the strange dreaded book from Ra'thra's office.

The damage

During his time around, Ra'thra caused a lot of damage. To family and to people. However, most notably, he caused damage to the realm of Olgard. Mainly, causing a civil war and the fact he killed one of their gods. The memory of what he has done will last in the history books.

Overview of Ra'thra