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Species Origins

Ever since the Alathra's ice age, creatures have evolved to live in cold environments. One such animal was a species of flightless- bird called the Pengoose. Although originally thought to be only semi-intelligent, it was discovered that Pengeese could do a lot more than what was initially thought of them such as their ability to communicate by making distinct clicking sounds with their beaks and generally forming small tribal societies.


Pengoose is used when referring to a singular of the species and Pengeese is plural.


Though many types of Pengeese exist, no such name for alternations in their appearance has been given at this time. Pengeese, regardless of their environment, have white and black bellies with multicolored stripes. They share similar features with other birds such as Penguins and Toucans. They generally range anywhere from 5-7 feet tall although there are some exceptions. Most Pengeese have flippers, although some Pengeese's flippers are more winglike than others, even occasionally sporting feathers.


Like most birds, Pengeese hatch from eggs.


Pengeese prefer to eat fish and insects but will eat other foods such as fruits if necessary.


Pengeese are found in cold and temperate climates, depending on the type of Pengoose. Some Pengeese live closer to the equator, but this is a rare occurrence.

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