Poppy Hill

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Poppy Hill is a small town most notable for its large poppy field that encompasses the central territory.



The town of Poppy Hill is situated on the south-southwest of the continent of Koganon.

The territory claimed by Poppy Hill is landlocked, surrounded by their neighbours Aerdale, Lydoneia, and a coastal territory claimed by the Arcadian Altanate.

The nearest settlement to Poppy Hill is Jotunstan, while the nearest claimed chunks is a strip of land owned by Wulfheim of Stahlfaust.


The town's main territory consists of two mountains in the area, divided by an icy river below. Outside of this main territory is a snowy taiga forest that shields the town from the icy tundra beyond.

There is evidence in and around Poppy Hill which claims that the mountain that Poppy Hill now stands on was once a volcano and much taller. It explains the slightly warmer climate on the mountain compared to its surrounding biome; however, it is unknown what happened to the rest of the mount.


The Cathedral

Although no official name has been given by the town's owner Boeyboy, The cathedral is the centralised structure atop Poppy Hill's larger mountain. The name was given due to its similarities in design to other religious sites in Alathra, although the building itself is not a site of any faith. The Cathedral serves as the meeting place for friends and political officials alike who choose to discuss with Poppy Hill.

It is confirmed by Boeyboy that The Cathedral was built upon the ruins of an older structure that once stood on the mountain, and that he plans to further renovate based on the building's original purpose.

The Tower

The tower is a ruined watchtower that once stood on the larger mountain of the territory. Although it is unknown what caused it to collapse, the upper half had split off and fell down the mountain.

Although the base of the tower has not been touched by the owner, the collapsed upper half of the tower has been moved and repurposed into a shelter for a fellow resident of Poppy Hill.

The Elytra Dock

The Elytra Dock is the building that stands atop the second, lesser mountain in Poppy Hill's territory. Its roof is flat and brightly lit to allow those capable of elytra flight to land safely in Poppy Hill's outskirts without risking collision with the many giant spruce trees that surround the mountain. Barrels and a crafting table are situated here for any deliveries that are of low priority.

Inside the dock is a lower lookout point and a trapdoor with a clear warning sign above it. This trapdoor opens up to a sheer drop, which is highly unsafe because, if they survive, the player will be stuck inside the mountain and forced to teleport home.

The elytra dock is also the only structure in Poppy Hill, thus far, to be connected to the cathedral with a man-made pathway. This is to allow easy access to and from the dock when no other option is available.