Holy Nation State of Praetara

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The Holy Nation State of Praetara
Sancta Natio Praetara
The Astrum Praeta, Banner of Praetara Praetaran coat of arms, "Statera lusta Deum"
Banner Coat of arms
CapitalPraetara Centrum
Official languages Praetan
Recognised national languages Common Alathran, Auroran
Ethnic groups
  • 95% Praetaran
  • 3% Mirenian
  • 2% Other
Religion Praetaran
Demonym Praetaran
Government Electoral Episcopal Theocracy
 •  Holy Consul Ursus
 •  Holy Consul Novissime Lunestia
Legislature The Holy Consulate
 •  Separation from the Mirenirenic Confederacy June 18th 2022 
 •  The Sisters of Aurora join Praetara June 18th 2022 
 •  January 2023 estimate 110,000
Currency Turel
Praetara, formally named The Holy Nation State of Praetara, is a theocratic state within Northern Arith. It's government is a system by which an executive Council of Consuls is ordained via the Holy Deities of Praeta, with the Holy Assembly as the functioning legislative body.

Political Structure

The political structure is one of two branches, the executive and the legislative, with the Deities of Praeta as the absolute word during appearance. Unlike a democratic state, these branches are not separate in design for any separation of power, but instead separation of function, for more efficient state.

The Council of Consuls

The Council of Consuls is the executive branch of Praetaran Government. Their role is the oversight of the nation, as well as making decisions regarding the religious actions of the Orders.

A Holy Consul can only be added if the current Council unanimously agrees to add them.

The Holy Assembly

The Holy Assembly is the legislation authority on matters of national importance, and represent their respective provinces and districts.

Depending on situations, they are either chosen by their predecessor or elected by citizens of the region in which they reside.

Territorial Formation

The lands of Praetara are split into different regions for more competent governance. Whilst a unitary state, these regions do each have a degree of decentralization, with regards to taxation, local planning and industry.

Provinces & Towns

Capital Province

Praetara Centrum

Administrative capital of Praetara.


Flumia is a small fishing town near to Praetara Centrum. It's small population and lack of industry means that it is relatively underdeveloped compared to the forges of Esteura, however it's food production is a vital component of the Praetaran economy.

Esteuran Province


See Esteura

Aurora Province

Aurora Imperialis

Aurora Imperialis was a once sister city-state to Luna, prior to the formation of Praetara. It was fronted by a sisterhood, lead by Queen Cosmic. However, the town has fallen in and out of a constant state of disrepair after her leaving for Eldia, as several mayor have been assigned and failed to pull it back into it's prime.

Province of Durocortorum Remorum

Durocortorum Remorum


To be written.

Notable Characters of Praetara


Founder of the Nation of Praetara.

Ursus is a fundamental part of the creation of the Nation of Praetara, and has played a part in many different events not only across the nation, but also across Arith and the entirety of Alathra. He, whilst still quite spiritualistic, also has a strong inclination towards economic development, hence the creation of Esteura Generalstores Ltd. and it's various stores spanning multiple continents.

See Ursus for more information.

Dave in Praetara Centrum

Dave, pet of Wrenvion, has been around for many years. When Wrenvion moved to Praetara to assist in it's construction, he left Dave. However, he brought him back, and was made a nation hero and given an honorary spot on the Imperial Assembly as a member.

Foreign Relations

Praetara, after its period of isolation, has reached out to several states for relations. See them below.

Mirenirenic Confederacy

With it's capital being a former member of the Mirenirenic Confederacy, the people of Praetara and Mirenirenic were already on good terms, especially betwixt Ursus and Kevien, High Druid of Pragma. This lead to a signing of an alliance of mutual defense, non-aggression and free trade.

TiirtaÄävot Jat

Whilst not having any direct communications between the two governments, the people of Praetara have felt a somewhat good affiliation with the people of TiirtaÄävot Jat since the establishing of a mission in Goulrich. This lead to an eventual alliance, however after the merging into the nation of North Moria, no further direct diplomacy has yet occured.


Solaria, headed by Melevor Cestar II, is a neighboring nation of Praetara. After many interactions, several land purchases assisted by Twyst, and diplomats attending the Solarian festival of Brumalia, it was decided that the two should form an alliance to defend against those who would which Arith harm.

For specifics, see Solarian documentation of alliance.


To be written.